Monday, March 24, 2014

Student Blogger-Emilie

Hi! This is Emilie.
Guess what one of my favorite things to do with my family is? CAMPING !We go camping in our trailer all the time.
My favorite thing about camping is seeing all the creatures of nature and the wildlife. Of course, we can’t forget about roasting marshmallows on the campfire at night.

We go swimming and hiking to. I have a fishing pole that has a rubber fish at the end of the line. Mostly I catch seaweed. I was only 6 weeks old the first time I went.

I also love traveling.We have all of our family in Norway and Sweden. Two years ago we went to Norway for two whole months. I made some new friends there. Did you know kids start to learn English in first grade there?

This picture of me and my sister was taken at one in the morning,but the sun doesn’t go down in the summer so it looks like its daytime.

We have a lot of pets too. I have two dogs, four parakeets and two fish. On my last birthday,we went to a place that rescues exotic animals. I just love everything about nature!

Thanks for reading my blog entry !


  1. Dear Emilie,
    I thought it was funny when I saw the picture of your dog buried in the sand!You must really love nature! What's it like having dogs?You must be really brave when you held that spider!

    Your friend,

  2. Hi Emile,
    Why do you like to go camping with your family? I wish I could go camping because you made me think I could go camping with my family. What kind of animals did you see? Your picture of your dog was funny when he was buried in the warm sand. Did he like being buried in the sand all the time? You seemed very brave holding all kinds of animals in your hands. Were you kind of scared touching those kinds of animals? If I were touching those kinds of animals, I would be frightened and scared. Do you like animals very scary? Also, why do you like nature?
    Your Classmate,

  3. Dear Emile,
    I never knew that you and your family love camping. Have you ever gone swimming in a lake when you go camping? I wish I could go camping but my parents won't let me. I saw that you put your dog in a hole. Did he bark because he wanted to get out? I also saw that you had a lot of baskets of fruit. Where did you get all of those fruits? I am also a nature person myself. One time me and my dad saw a dead bever on the sidewalk. Well I hope I see your next adventure.

  4. Hello Emily,

    Seems like you love nature like me. Camping is so fun! Did you like holding those animals? Some day I'll bring my pet snake into class.


    1. Chase,
      I would be a little scared if you brought your pet snake to school! I bet Brody and Emilie would be super excited though! They love snakes.
      -Ms. Steinlein

  5. Hi emily,

    I really like your trailer I,m trying to tell my dad but he said no.How much did it cost?I love nature too.from aiden

  6. Dear Emily,

    It was so brave of you holding the tarantula. What was the green insect that you were holding? Do you guys always go camping or sometimes? You guys also have a dog?! I'm just surprised because my mom doesn't let me have a dog or cat because sometimes my dad says I'm alergic to cat.


  7. Hi Emile,
    You are a very adventurous girl it looks like you love the wild and camping. I never knew that you are able to hold all kinds of animals even a tarantula! Where did you hold the tarantula because I got interested? Hope you have a good day!
    Your Classmate,

  8. Dear Emile,
    I see that you really like nature and you like to hold scary animals in your hands. Was it very scary to hold the spider in your hands because if I were holding it I'd scream so loud and kick it out of my hands? I don't like it because I would not let it eat my hand and my hand would be very sore. I'd rather just hold the lizard you held. How tiny is that lizard that was in your hand because it looks like it tinier than my pinky finger. The lizards are super cute because it is so super tiny. The stick bugs you held are scary and someone was about to put one on me, but my mom got me away and also it was coming out of it's cage. How much do you love nature because I think you like it a whole bunch? Do you like holding the animals you held and will you hold more animals? The pets you have are like the cutest!

    Your classmate,

  9. Hello Emily,
    I love going camping.I wish I could go with my bog.He can`t go because he can not go without a leash.Did you hold a spider?

  10. Dear Miss Emilie,
    I love that you shared your love for nature and wilderness. I also really love camping. My favorite thing to do while camping is to sit around the camp fire at night and tell stories with my family. What is your favorite camping site? I also think that it is great you visited Norway! That is such an awesome experience.
    Ms. Steinlein


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