Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Star of the Week-Savannah

Since my last Birthday,
My family and I did many fun things.
We went to DisneyLand three different times. We stayed with my grandma, grandpa,TTM (Aunt Emily), Uncle Timmy, Aunt Erin,and my cousins. We stayed for a week the first time we went in December.When we went it was Christmas time. It was decorated with Christmas decorations and the castle had snow on top of it. We had fun but we still had to do homework. One day we went it was raining and we went on Thunder Mountain over and over again.        
        disney fam.jpg
When we went the second time to Disneyland it was just me and my family. We went during spring break and it was really crowded, but we did have a good time.
The last time we went to Disneyland we went during fall break. The main entrance had pumpkin characters for Halloween.   
           DSCN5484.JPG   DSCN5486.JPG
They had a Halloween Party but we didn’t go. We also went to California Adventure and it was fun for us to go to. The rides were really fun like:Goofy's Sky School, Cars ride, and California Screamin, but I don’t like that one. When we were at Disneyland,we went on very fun rides like: Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Small World.

During the summer, we went hiking at Point Reyes. I didn’t enjoy the hiking part. It was almost five miles and we had to carry these big bags. It was the first time doing a hike-in camping trip for my sister and me.
I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the walk. I went to the bathroom behind a tree. It was hot, and my dad kept walking away from my mom, sister and me, so I had to yell his name so I could  tell him something. I had a great time camping but I don’t want to do the hiking part again (it’s horror having to walk that far) .

My family (mom, dad, sister and me) also went to Mexico for one week this summer! We helped a family with no home by building a home for them. First we nailed on wood to build the walls, then we put on the roof. Next we painted the house orange, put in the furniture, met the family, and had a big party. The last day we spent at a hotel on the beach. We left early in the morning to drive back  to California.
     SAM_0501.JPG  SAM_0521.JPG
And last but not least, we had a girl from Spain stay with us for three weeks in July. It all started when my mom asked me and my sister if we wanted a girl named Nikole from Spain come and stay with us for three weeks. I said ‘’I don’t know.’’ and my sister said ‘’maybe.’’A little bit after that I said to my mom ‘’ I want to have that girl from Spain come and stay with us for three weeks’’ and my sister said ‘’ me too.’’  It took Nikole two days to get here from Spain. Wow, she must of been bored having to just sit in a airplane and do pretty much nothing on a two day trip from Spain to the United States of America. Could you imagine having to be in a plane for 48 hours? I would imagine it being terrible. After the two days Nikole finally got to my house. I was like ‘’ Finally!!’’ and then we went somewhere to pick her up and we got in the car, left to go home. Nikole unpacked, we had breakfast and after three weeks we said bye and she said goodbye. She left for her plane ride to go home to her parents and that's all the big things that happened since my last Birthday. DSCN5127.JPG  DSCN5216.JPG

Monday, November 9, 2015

Star of the Week-Vivaan

Hello everyone, I am Vivaan and I just had my birthday on Nov 5. I turned 8 this year.
I live with my mom and dad. I love to play tennis, soccer, piano and love to read books.My dad coaches me for tennis and it is something special I share with him. Both of us love tennis. My favorite book series are Diary of a Wimpy Kid,The Magic Tree House and Goosebumps. My favorite subjects in school are math,english, reading and learning about animals.
My favorite games are Minecraft,Super Mario Bros, and other board games like Monopoly Empire, Trouble, Spot-it and Battleship.
I have visited Disneyland,UniversalStudios,Hawaii,New York,Cabo San Lucas,India,Dubai and San Diego(where I was born).The picture below is of me sitting in a Rickshaw(Its kind of a taxi in India ).I loved visiting India.It was a great visit .My grandparents live there and so it is  a special place for me to go.But my favorite place to visit is Disneyland.