Monday, December 12, 2016

Star of the week-Allison

I live with my mom, dad, and two sisters (Micaela and Willow).  My favorite movie is Trolls.  My favorite activity  is roller skating.  My favorite dessert is ice cream sundaes.  My favorite song is “Let it Go.  I am 7 years old.  This year my family went to Lake Tahoe in February.  I was born on December 30th, 2008.  I will turn eight the week after Christmas.

Happy Baby!
My Grandma, Mom, and sister Willow

Mrs. Torres and I on the first day of school
My mom and I out on a date

Me tubing on our family camping trip
Do you want to build a snowman?  Family trip to Lake Tahoe.
My sister Willow and I heading off to Camp Menzies with our girl scout troop
My sister Willow and our cousins Kaiden and Kelton

Monday, December 5, 2016

Star of the Week-Liam

December 4, 2016
Hi my name is Liam I'm 7 1/2 years old
My birthday is on January 7th, 2009.
Liam baby.jpg
I like to play golf with my dad, my favorite course is Teal Bend my dads is Cherry Island
My favorite thing is making books and reading to my brother
Liam reading to Connor.jpg
Members of my family:Dad, me, Mom, and Connor man
Last year my family went to Disneyland, it was fun.  My favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain.
Disneyland family picture.jpg

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Star Blogger-Jayven

October 30th 2016
Hi! My names is Jayven Ryan. I’m 7 years old and my birthday is November 23rd.

I live at home with my Mom, Dad, two younger brothers Soleil and ElJay and my dog Quest.

I’m the oldest of 2 siblings and 4 cousins.

My nationalities are Filipino, Chamorro and American.

My favorite place to visit every year is Bear River

I like to draw and color.
I like to play outside with my bike and scooter.

The sport I’m best at is baseball.

My favorite baseball team has been the Giants since I was just a couple months old.
My enjoy eating steak and rice.
I love reading and watching Star Wars.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Welcome to 2nd grade!

The school year is about to begin and I'm am very excited...for a few reasons!

1) I can't wait to meet my new second graders and their families
2) We have a brand new beautiful school
3) I have an awesome year planned and can't wait to get started!

Hello! My name is Mrs. Torres and I will be your child's second grade teacher this school year. I am thrilled to be working with such amazing kids and wonderful, supportive parents. I have been working very hard setting up the classroom in preparation for Meet the Teacher happening this Monday, August 22nd from 3-6. This is an "open house" style where you pop in anywhere  between 3-6pm and tour our school, classroom and get to know myself and our awesome student teacher, Ms. Amani. There are a couple of important safety things I need to share:

1) Please have all family members wear closed-toe shoes. It is still a construction zone!
2) Please have your children stay with you at all times. The playground will not be open for playing.

There are a couple of things you can do before meeting me on Monday:

  • CLASS BLOG: Enter your email address found on the right side below the globe and you will receive notification when our students are blogging and when I post a blog.
  • WEBSITE: You can check out my new website that is full of great information created just for YOU! CLICK ME
  • Follow our Twitter feed: @mrsjulietorres
  • Sign up for Remind-I can send you a text and you can text me! 

  • Please take a survey before the first day of school: CLICK ME

Important Dates:
Meet the Teacher: August 22nd 3-6 pm in room D9
First day of school: (free dress day) Late start Wednesday, August 24th 9:30-3:00
Have a great weekend and I hope to see you this Monday between 3-6pm!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Star of the week Aaron

Hello my name is Aaron. I am 8 years old. I have one brother and one sister. I enjoy playing outside with my siblings and friends.
I also enjoy playing minecraft and watching minecraft videos. I build castles and mine for diamonds.
In the summer our family tradition is to go quading. We go to the Oregon Dunes. It is my favorite place. It is also near the ocean. When I go I get to see the water.
This summer I get to go to Romania. I am excited. I will get to play with my cousins and family. I also get to see my grandpa and grandma.

I also love watching football. I want to be a football player. I play football whenever I can. It is so much fun! When I go to Romania I want to play with my family. This is my favorite player.
Image result for seahawks russell wilson
Have a great summer!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Star of the week-Ainsley

Spring 2015-Spring 2016 001 (17).jpgSpring 2015-Spring 2016 001 (1).png

Hi, my name is Ainsley.  
Here are some things I like to do. I love to horseback ride. To go horseback riding there are a few rules.

  1. Get your horse out of the stall.
  2. Groom your horse
  3. Put on the tack - tack is the saddle and bridle

Now you can get on the horse and ride.

I also like to ride my bike. I ride up hills and down. I like to ride around the san juan reservoir by my house. My family likes to play board games and I beat my dad every time.

Spring 2015-Spring 2016 001 (499).jpg

We have two cats named Sam and Sara. My cat Sam loves to cuddle me and my mom in bed.

Spring 2015-Spring 2016 001 (802).jpg

Thank you for reading my  blog.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Star of the week-Khloe

Hi my name is Khloe And I’m going to share some facts that you never knew about me! I have a lot of  stuff animals one of them takes up the hole bed and it’s a dolphin it’s like this but pink, straight and shorter.

Free Download

One time I ate some paper and I said, "Yummy". I thought that would taste like nothing but it has a hint of sweetness to it . Also, when my brother was little, he used to eat toilet paper.

A roll of toilet paper

I have two Houses and my mom owns one of them and my dad doesn't own the other one because he moved in with my uncle Thaimy, He loves sports.

A one-story split-level,

OK time for facts about me! When I was little I did business in my diaper and my dad ask my mom to change me but she said no and there were no diapers so my dad went to one of the sinks and he took off my diaper and there a wet business so my dad had to turn on the water. Then he useD a blowdryer and it was hot and the very first word was HOT DADDY! And that's my very first word story! Solano Hair Dryer- Gives


Rainbow, Beach, Scenic, Summer                                   

Monday, May 9, 2016

Star of the week-Eliana

Hello, my name is Eliana McGuire and I am 8 years old. I have 1 brother and 1 sister, Evan and Erabella. They are cute and wild and they definitely keep the house noisy. We love to dance, even with our mom.
Goofy family pic.jpg
Last winter, we went up to the snow at Donner Pass, had a blast and didn’t want to leave.      
Snow day.jpg
Dad made a snowball and attacked us, it was so much fun!Daddy snow.jpg
We love to travel and stay at hotels, we also take day trips and went to Apple Hill, we caught a 2 pound Trout. My little brother was shocked. Big trout pic.jpg
While visiting Los Angeles, we went to Medieval Times, you get to see people jousting and you get to eat food while watching it!
Medieval times.jpg
In my free time, I love to go to the nail salon with my mom and we get pedicures, that’s our special time together
Nail salon pic.jpg
As a family, we go to Kings games to support our team and it’s a great family outing194.jpg
We try to play a game as a family once a week such as Monopoly, Life, and Googly Eyes.
Game night.jpg
Thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it!A very colorful sunset over