Sunday, October 26, 2014

Celebrity of the week: Roberto

On my last vacation to El Salvador, my grandpa taught my brother and I archery. My grandpa was and archer champion on a tournament. He taught me that there are three different types of archery competitions: Long range, short range and group range. When I grow older I would like to be an archer like my grandpa.

To practice the archery sport you need a bow, an arrow and a target board. You have to be very focused when practicing this sport because the arrows are very pointy and dangerous. You are only allowed to hit the target board.

My grandpa taught me that the bow does not go up or down, it should only go to the left or to the right.The arrow always goes in the middle of the bow and you need to hold it still with your finger. At the beginning of our practice, my brother and I were very nervous. But after a few tries, we loved practicing it. And the best part is that at as we practiced our arrows were even closer to the middle of the target board which is the best points that you could have in an archery competition.

I felt very confident after a few days practicing with my brother and my grandpa. I thank him for teaching us. Archery is not a very common sport, but is one of my favorites. Hopefully, we go back soon and I could go practice with my brother again.

Thank you for reading.
Roberto Carlos

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Celebrity of the Week-Quinn

Horseback Riding - Meet Dude

I recently started to learn how to ride a horse. I am taking lessons at Hoofbeats Equestrian Center in Elk Grove.  At Hoofbeats, their horses are saved from people who don’t take good care of them. They have thirty horses. Some are miniature horses and some are large horses.  I met a horse whose head is almost as big as my body.

Dude is a miniature horse. He is not going to grow anymore. This is how he will stay. He is thirteen years old.  This is the horse I ride.  When I start my lessons, the first thing I do is brush his coat. I use two brushes. One brush is for the mane and tail, and the other brush is for coat.  They get all of the dirty things off of him because he rolls in mud a lot. Then I clean the hooves with another brush that is kind of like a scraper and you use it to get the dirt, thorns and rocks out. If you leave rocks in the hooves the horse can get an infection.

Meet Dude.
Carson hoping on dude Bareback

photo 1.JPG
Alexis is my trainer. She gets me my saddle and puts it on Dude. I put on my helmet. I lead him to the stadium and climb on.

I ride around the stadium with Dude. Last week I learned trotting.  It was really funny because it feels like you are on a bouncy ball. Alexis says that if I do really good I can start jumping.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

We Like To Move It!

There isn't a day that goes by that we don't do a GoNoodle dance. There are some days where I just don't have the time to do a 3 minute break but do you think my students would let me get away with that? If you said, "No way", then you are correct!

I keep my door open throughout the day and when we are taking a brain break, the kids and adults passing in the hall can't resist and take a peek. The students passing in the hall start to dance because clearly, we are having a "dance party" in my classroom!

Although we have recess a few times a day and Friday Fitness every week, GoNoodle brain breaks are at the top of the list. I have to say that I personally love all the Zumba dances and all the Koo Koo Kanga Roo breaks.

When my students are losing attention or when they look lethargic, that is my key to stop and throw in a little "Awesome Rainbows" or "Push all the buttons" routine. The students rejuvenate and are ready to focus once again. Wednesday after lunch, we go a long stretch without a recess so the kids either get really antsy or too relaxed..sometimes I feel the same way. We all get a little unfocused. It's these times that I appreciate and love GoNoodle! 

 Even Mrs. Torres likes to MOVE IT!