Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Student Blogger-Srivishal

Dear Mrs .Torres, all my friends and relatives,
     Do you know who I am ? Well if you don’t you will learn about me here! I am a Star Soccer Player. I also like to play chess but I always lose to my brother. I have won 5th place in Bay area  National tournament and 1st place in Sacramento chess tournament for my age boys. I have been in chess classes.
    I live with my brother my mom and my dad and a cat. I born in the year 2006 in Mercy San Juan Hospital, Sacramento. My name is officially Srivishal but My mom calls me Kunju(which means tiny  baby bird).My another name is Abhinav.

    Since I watched my brother doing swimming a lot, and I practised by my self while my mom was wacthing me ,when I was 3 years old, even before started learning swimming officially from a coach, when my first coach asked me to jump and swim to the middle of the pool where he was, I was able to do without fear. My coach  and mom was surprised. My coach skipped the beginning session and taught me 2nd session lesson directly.

    I went rock climbing with my brother for his boy scouts,in the year 2012.

       Every year I go to San Francisco to meet my friend he lives in a  3 story house!
I also went paintballing with all my and brother’s friend to celebrate brother’s birthday, last sunday and it was really fun.. My hobbies are to watch cartoon network and play soccer in my backyard.
I went to the biggest tree in the world its called the great grizzly in Yosemite last August. Iit was so tall it would take me 3 hours to climb to the top of the tree.

    I went to the science museum with my family and friends too.I i saw dinosaurs, water creatures, and I saw starfish.

     I play tennis and my teacher’s name is John. I learned to jump rope. I did exercises and we did stations. Each station we work or run or we do jump roping. I also like to play basketball. One of my favorite teams that I have been on was called the Otters.

    On Halloween I was spider man and Showmen was Ginga and his brother was a character from anime episode.

      My Grandpa (MOM’s dad) visited us for 3 months from India. He came with us to Bay area chess  tournament  and we had dinner with him in a famous indian restaurant called Poojain west Sacramento.He love me and my brother a lot. We all went to give sendoff to him. We wished him to stay for some more months.

    My Grandpa and GrandMa (dad’s parents) also visited  last year for  2 months and they came to watch my music performance in our school (blackrock drive NCS  auditorium). Me and my brother enjoyed playing Carom board game with them every day. We went to SFO Cruise with them.This  picture is from one of our visit to India with my father’s relatives.

     I went to disneyland I did the bumper car and a bunch of other rides  3 years before.And we enjoyed a lot at Legoland,the Lego boat ride where you are on a ship and you have to shoot down other  ships.
     I hope you all enjoyed my blog  and came to know more about me through my blog.Thank you  very very  much for  your patience!Wish you all wonderful day!! I will meet at school tomorrow.


  1. Dear Srivishal,
    I remember when we where trick or treating last year it was so fun. Where did you go to see the science museum? It looks pretty cool. I went to a aquarium just like that at San Francisco with my Grandma and my family. I went to Legoland once only it was so fun I liked when we did the pirate ship. We had to squrirt water at the other team. Hope you have the best day!
    Your friend,

  2. Hi Survishal,

    I also went to Lego Land. But I don't remember seeing the boat ride. Did you ever go to India with your mom's dad?


    1. Hi Nathan

      I have went with my dad mom and brother once and I went with my mom.I hope you get to go to the boat shooter game next time you go to Legoland.


  3. Dear Srivishal,
    You and your family look cute together with that green charter. I wish I could seen you at the festival. I saw that you were on the lego boat. What did you sink the boats with. You also look cute when you were trying to walk climb. I also walk climb but there is this rock that I can't step on. I hope other people comment on your blog.

  4. Hi Showmen,

    I went to the museum with my freinds who live in San Francisco but I don`t remember when I wennnnt there.The legoland was fun when I squrted water but it was not fun when i got wet.

  5. Dear Srivishal,
    I think that it is that you got to ride a boat made out of legos!Was it cool when you were playing basketball?You look really cool in your costume! Your friend Natalie

    1. Hi Natalie,

      I like to play basketball so much I also liked everyone on my others team.It was cool how they made that boat with legos.

      Your friend,

  6. Dear, Srivishal I loved your post.It must be very special to your family meeting your mom 's dad it looks like your family is very kind and nice.When did you start playing basketball?You really must be in shape by playing soccer and basketball.Does your family travel a lot?I love how you guys go to places where you can see animals and creatures and a lot of other things that are interesting.You are a very smart kid and talented kid

  7. Hi

    I like to travel a lot. My dad and mom are surprised that i do soccer and basketball.

  8. Hi,srivishal i just saw your blog right now it was awesome. How did you face
    your fear in swimming ? Do you like soccer more than basketball? I liked
    how you put a lot of detail.I like your blog because its amazing. from kaleb

  9. Dear Srivishal,

    How is Disney Land like? I think you should should have grandparents over again. When you had your Halloween party you must have had fun. I hope you had fun playing soccer!
    From your friend,

  10. Hi,
    Thank you very much .We have been to India oo)almost 3 times after I born.when I was 2 years and 3 1/2 and 5 years.My moms dad came here with his(My mom's too )pet dog when I was 7 months old.I started playing basket ball when I was 4 years old.I love sports.Thank you very much for your nice comments.


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