Sunday, March 9, 2014

Student Blogger-Dominic

Hi! My name is Dominic and I am 8 years old. I like to play video games my favorite game is Lego City. I love all sports! I’ve played baseball in the Natomas little league, my team was the Mets. I’ve been to see the Sacramento Kings play basketball and I’ve also seen the San Jose Sharks play Hockey. I had so much watching my favorite teams play. This is me at different sporting events.

I love spending time with my family! One of my favorite things to do on hot summer days is go to the Lake and swim in the water. I get to play with all my cousins and little sister. This is me enjoying the sun at the Folsom Lake.
One of my favorite family vacations was when we went to Disney Land. I loved seeing all my favorite Disney characters. I really enjoy going on all the rides, my favorite one was Pirates of Caribbean. Here are some pictures from Disney.


  1. Dear Dominic,
    Oceana and many other students in in our class like sports like you! Tony in our class has been to some Kings games like you. How many have you been to? Peyton in our class wants to know if you have ever watched the Oregon Ducks play football. Kobe wonders if you have ever seen the 49ers play football. Did you know that Elliott in our class plays baseball, too? He plays on the Chicago White Sox. Emily J. likes to play baseball also. 8 of our students and Miss Kloczko have all been to Folsom Lake, too! You did great on your blog post! We had fun reading and we loved your pictures. You're an awesome writer!
    Miss Kloczko's Class

  2. Hi Dominic!
    I knew you liked the Sharks but I guess I did not realize you were such a huge sports fan! I think it is great that you are involved in so many sports! Disneyland is one of my favorite places to go on vacation too! What was your favorite ride? I love the Space Mountain ride because I LOVE roller coasters. Thanks for sharing your post!
    -Ms. Steinlein

  3. Dear Dominic,
    My favorite ride at Disneyland is Pirates of a Caribbean too. Have you ever been on terror tower? I have and it was so scray that I was afaird of going up because then I would knew that we were about to go down.

  4. Hi Dominic,
    When did you go to Disneyland? I t looked like you were very young when you went to Disneyland with your family. Which disney characters do you like and saw at Disneyland? Sports are my favorite things too. My favorite sport was soccer. What is your favorite sport? Your pictures were very cute. Mostly your baby pictures of when you went to the beach and the ones when you went to Disneyland. I have never been to Folsom lake. Can you tell me about Folsom lake? I have also never been to Disneyland and I might find out about Disneyland when I go there.
    Your Friend,

  5. Hi Dominic,
    I think I have went to Folsom Lake too, but I don't remember when I went. I don't really like sports that much. When you went to Disneyland, you looked really young. The lollipop you were holding looked really big! Did you finish the whole lollipop!?
    Your friend,

  6. Hi Dominic, How old were you when you went to Disneyland?Me and you have something in comment we both love sports.Do you still play baseball?Do you have a favorite baseball player?You must be very active.You are very smart and talented kid.


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