Thursday, March 13, 2014

Student Blogger-Brody

Hey everyone! This is Brody’s Blog… I live in Natomas with my mom (Kristi), dad (Shane), two brothers (Damian - 18 and Wesley - 5) and my sister (Trina - 16).  I have a dog named Loki, two cats (Fanny and Queso) a turtle (Gamera) and a tortoise (Peeta).

My three favorite games are Disney’s Infinity, Skylander’s Swap Force, and Star Wars.  
Here is a picture of some of my characters:BumbleBlast - Mickey - Roll-a-droid.jpg
Jolly Bumble Blast is a Swap Force character, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey is a Disney’s Infinity character, and Roll-a-Droid is a Star Wars character.
One of my favorite things to do around the house is play with my brother Wesley.  I also play with my brother Damain, but not as often.

My favorite places I have visited are Disneyland, Canada, and Kauai.  Here is a picture of me with my brother, Wesley, when we visited Alberta, Canada, last summer:

… and a picture of me on the beach in Kauai last May:
When I travel, I like to do one of my favorite hobbies called geocaching.  Geocaching is like a treasure hunt, where someone hides a cache (containers of different sizes) and they provide the coordinates (and sometimes a hint) for others to find it.  Sometimes the containers have prizes inside that you can trade for.  Geocaches are all over the world and there are even hundreds of geocaches right here in Sacramento!  I have hidden a cache that is near my health club if anyone wants to try and find it - it is called Brody's first hide.

You need to be careful when finding a cache to make sure it can stay hidden for other geocachers to find.  People that geocache also care for the environment and follow the motto ‘cache in, trash out’ which means that whenever you go geocaching, try to clear any trash you may find along the way and take it away for proper disposal.

Here is a picture of me geocaching:
Another one of my hobbies is doing yoga.  Yoga is a workout that is good for your body and helps to calm your mind and gain focus.  Here is a picture of me demonstrating the tree pose:

Thank you for reading my first blog entry!
Be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You’re Awesome!!!!

~ Brody ~


  1. Hi Brody!
    I did not realize you had so many siblings and pets! Sounds like a full house! I think that it is awesome you do geocaching! I have always wanted to try that! It is like treasuring hunting which sounds so fun! What is the coolest thing you have found? I also do yoga and find it super relaxing! My favorite pose is the classic Downward Dog. Thank you for sharing more about your life Brody!
    Ms. Steinlein

  2. I like yoga too!!!!!!!!!! I like how many family members!!!!!!!!! I wonder what other video games you would like??? your friend gwan :)

    1. I do like Minecraft.

  3. Dear Brody,I can do the tree and my dad can do that .How can you do that.Have a good day from phoebe.

  4. Dear,Brody I can't belive you have Jolly Bumble Blast! Wow you can do the tree pose that is cool. Which one you like more Skylanders or Disney Infinty?
    From, Sean

    1. Dear Sean,
      Disney Infinty but I forgot I like Minecraft too.

  5. Hi Brody,

    I think it's great you do yoga. Yoga is great for the body and spirit. Do you like any other sports?

    Mari (Ava's Mom)

    1. Dear Mari,
      I also do swim and do socer.

  6. Dear Brody,
    I never knew that you liked Disney Infinity. I also like Disney Infinity. I am trying to get Violet? Do you have Violet?

  7. Hi Brody,
    I really want to get Disney Infinity. I've heard of it and my favorite character is Elsa. Where is Kauai located? I really want to go to Disneyland because of all the fun Disney characters!
    Your friend,


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