Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Student Blogger-Rylan

Hi, my name is Rylan.

I am seven years old boy. I live with my 3 years old younger sister and my Mom and Dad. I was born here in Sacramento, however my Mom and Dad were born in Indonesia. Indonesia is a tropical country in South East Asia not far from Australia.

Currently, I only have a fish tank with tropical fishes - a pair of them is Checkered Barbs which originally came from Indonesia.  My dad has a small black and white dog. He is a Tibetan Spaniel mix, his name is Nemo and he is old, about 10 years old. His weight is about 18 lbs. and sometimes he still acts like he is a puppy.

Although I don’t have lots of animals right now, animals, especially water animals, reptile and insect are my passion and I would like to share this passion with all of you. My favorite places to visit are all animal places, such as Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, Sacramento Reptile Show and our Sacramento Zoo.

In addition, in town,  I usually visit all pet stores, such as Petsmart, Petco, Pets Extreme and Exotic Aquarium and my old favorite place, Capitol Aquarium (which is closed for good awhile back).

In 2010, when I was 4 years old, we had a chance to visit Indonesia.  We were there to visit my Mom’s family and my Dad’s uncles, aunts and cousins.  Two of my most memorable animal encounters are below:
In this picture, I was holding a tiny baby house lizard on the palm of my hand.  This house lizard is commonly found on Indonesian’s houses.
On one of the local restaurant, they have hundreds Koi fishes on a big pond, that you could feed and  touch.

In  2012, we became a member of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.
Their most famous animal is Claude an Albino American alligator.
There are also stingrays, one of the biggest is this huge gray spotted stingray.

Since 2011, I have been going to various Reptile Shows.
This picture is me, when I was 5 years old, with a snake from one of the show’s vendor.  This is my first experience with a snake on my neck.  

The best and the biggest show is the Sacramento Reptile Show, which is an annual Reptile Show and Expo in the Sacramento Convention Center.  We have been going there for the past 3 years. They have all kinds of reptile, such as all kind of snakes, frogs, turtle, tortoise, alligator, crocodile, lizards, iguana etc.  Also all kinds of spiders, tarantulas, beetles, etc. My favorite part is their Wild Animal Show on stage and also their petting zoo.

In the following pics;
I was petting a Tortoise, Big Lizard, small Lizard in the show’s petting zoo. They also have an Albino Alligator, although not as big as Claude.

The next three pics are me pose with Izod, the 10 fts 100 lbs American Alligator in 2011, 2012, and 2013.
I hope my passion for water animals, reptiles and spiders, will encourage you to get closer and learn more about wild animals in general and their habitats.  Only through learning and understanding, we could help effort to save and preserve their existence for our future generations.


  1. Hi Rylan,
    Why are you in interested in animals Rylan? I learned a lot about your life and animals. Did you see other animals than the ones you've seen? Also, how did you learn a lot about rare animals? I am guessing at Academy A-Science.I hope you enjoy learning about animals!
    Your Friend,

  2. Dear Rylan,
    I love reptiles too. I also loved an old fish store that had an eel in a tank. It was collosal! Why did you put on a snake?
    Have a nice week! -Audrey

  3. Dear Rylan, What is your fishes name???I liked how you named the dog Nemo!! I like your pets!!! Your friend Gwan :)

  4. Dear Rylan, You got to see a snake cool! I can't belive you saw a Alligator!
    What was your favorite animal? from, Sean

  5. Dear Rylan,Cool! You met a alligator! Whats the alligator's named?And you learn about spiders thats cool!

  6. Dear Rylan,
    I can't belive you found all these animals!!!!! Did you get to touch the alligator? I could tell you went to a reptile museum.

  7. Dear Justin,
    I didn't touch Claude , but I got to touch Izod. From,Rylan

  8. Hi Rylan,

    You are brave to touch snakes and reptiles. I could not do that. Have you ever visited the Entomology Department at UC Davis. On Picnic Day they have cockroach races for the public to see. Honest, I'm not telling stories.

    Mari (Ava's mom

  9. Dear Rylan,
    Have you been to florda ? You can go on a bot to see algaters. Iike your bog

  10. Dear Rylan,
    Have you ever saw a Dinosaur skull?I have seen one at the dinosaur museum.
    I have a cat as an animal I wish I have a lizard.

    your friend,

  11. Dear Rylan,
    How can you stand all of the creatures that are on your hand? Did they tikle? It looks cool that you could touch the fish and feed them. The stingray on your picture looks cool . Well I got to go and comment on other blogs.


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