Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Student Blogger-Antonio

Hello, my name is Antonio and I’m in Mrs. Torres's 2nd grade class. Today I would like to mention a few of my favorite things I enjoy outside of the classroom. My favorite thing is playing Minecraft on my playstation 3 with my younger brother. We explore different worlds and craft many fun castles. 

Next is playing soccer.  I really enjoy this game because you get to run around with friends and try to kick a ball into the goal. Finally,  I enjoy time with my family at the park or on a bike ride.


  1. Hi Antonio!
    I liked reading your post about soccer and Minecraft! My goal is to learn how to play Minecraft because I know so many of the students LOVE it. Did you know that over at the main NSC campus, students were teaching teachers how to play Minecraft? Maybe when you get to middle school you can be a Minecraft mentor and teach a few teachers a thing or two!
    Thanks for sharing your post!
    -Ms. Steinlein

  2. Hi Antonio,This is srivishal I love to play soccer iv been playing for 4 years I am a defence. What do you play?Have you ever beat the wither on minecraft on survival?I only did it once so far.You should get a xbox.


  3. Hi Antonio,

    I wish I understood what Minecraft was, I'm afraid if I knew how play I'd never stop. I hope you are enjoying your new sister.

    Mari (Ava's mom)

  4. Hi Antonio,
    I don't like Minecraft that much, but I've played it before. It's pretty fun. Why do you like to go to the park with your family?
    Your friend,


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