Monday, April 27, 2015

Celebrity of the week-Oceana

Hi, I am Oceana. I am going to share what I know about Violin . Violin is an instrument and is very hard to play. Also, there are very few people who play it. I started Violin about 6 or 5 months ago. I have 4 songs I know well. The first song took me 2 weeks to learn. The second song took me about two months! I didn’t practice a lot. the third song only took me 2 weeks to learn. At home when I practice violin, some of the things I practice ( well, are called exercises) are: rolling finger, A 123 E123 then, backwards, and EADG then backwards. If you don’t know what that means, you should play Violin!
Here is a picture of what the strings are called and where the strings are on the Violin.

SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public Domain

Here’s a picture of a bow.


Here’s a picture of a shoulder rest. It makes it so when you play your Violin, your chin is not uncomfortable.

Violin, Musikaliska, Fiol

Last, here is a simple photo of a Violin.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Anderson

My San Diego Trip   
AnderwithSnowball.jpgDuring Christmas break 2014 I went to San Diego. I went to places
like Legoland, the beach, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World.  In Legoland there was a temporary snow area where I made snowballs and threw them at the different targets.  I also went snow tubing down a hill. Another fun event I did was climbing up the highest tower in Fun Town and pushing a button at the top.  I was scared in the middle but my mom and dad convinced me to climb all way to the top.   

20141222_174435.jpgMy favorite ride was Driving School.  The ride had stop lights, stop signs, and pavement markings like on a real road.  It feels like you are in a real car but it is smaller.  At the end, you get a driver license.

At the beach I went in the water and collected rocks.  I also  made a sand castle with a moat and a channel.   I also tried to make a wall made from rocks around the castle but the wall couldn’t stand the waves hitting it.  So we just built the castle without the wall. 20141228_142032.jpg
At the San Diego Zoo I went on a tour bus/tram that went all over the zoo. I saw a  peacock with a lot colors.  
The one with lots of colors is a boy to attract the girls.  The girls are brown.  I also saw big animals like elephants, polar bears and a hippopotamus.  I saw the hippopotamus swimming under water.  
I also  learned that polar bears live in the cold like in  Norway and elephants live in hot places like West Africa.  I also learned that they are both endangered animals.

At Sea World I saw and touched cleaner fish, reindeers, sharks, dolphins and stingrays.  At first I was scared when I put my whole hand in the touch pool full of cleaner fish.  The cleaner fish came to my hand and started nibbling on it. I felt ticklish so I kept pulling my hand out of the water.   

Near the end of the day we went to the Christmas Celebration area where I could drink hot chocolate, sled down a snowhill, and throw snowballs at targets.  If you hit the bullseye it will make a sound.


In conclusion, my San Diego trip was amazing and I want to go again!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Josh

Hi! My name is Josh. I love our hamsters Stella Junior and Winter. My sister Emi wanted it originally to be Snuffles and then Emi forgot about the name Snuffles and started calling her Winter.  Winter and Stella are sisters(I think so).  We used to have another hamster named Stella but she died. =(  Stella Junior looks just like our first Stella so we named her the same. They also have similar personalities. They are both very active and fast.

We got our hamster in January, 2015. My hamster is Stella . Stella has a black line on her back and she is grey, white  and black.. Winter has a grey line on her back and she is white. Winter belongs to Emi.
Our first hamster, Stella Sr. was a Russian Dwarf hamster and they tend to be a little more feisty. If you are planning to adopt a hamster in my opinion you should get a winter white. They are easier to tame and fun to play with. On the picture Stella is on the left and she is more active, Winter is on the right and she is pretty sleepy and she likes it when me and my mom tickle her back but when she is wide awake she is kookoo!.
In this picture, our hamsters are trying to get food. They look like they are smiling. =)

If you plan to own a hamster, make sure to always close their cages because Stella Jr and Winter escaped and we were so worried and scared because we thought we were never going to find them again. But luckily my dad and Emi found Stella and then I found Winter.  

In conclusion, hamsters are a lot of fun but they are a big responsibility. You have to feed them, give them new water every day, clean their cages, play with them every day and make them exercise. I love my hammies! ;-)