Sunday, December 14, 2014

Celebrity of the week-Jessica

I wanted to write about Gotcha Day because not everyone knows what it is.  Gotcha Day is a very special day.  It's the day that my mommy, daddy and I became a family.  It’s the day that they got me and I got them.
I was born on December 27, 2006 in China.  I lived in an orphanage until I was 10 months old.  On November 18, 2007 my mommy, daddy and I got to meet for the first time..
On November 18 every year, we celebrate our Gotcha Day anniversary.  I call it our official Mock family holiday. We go out to a special place for dinner and I usually get a cake and lots of presents.  It's like having 2 birthdays every year.  This year was our 7th gotcha day anniversary.  I didn't get a cake but I got an entire dessert table

Every year, my mommy gets a crown from Burger King and turns it into a Gotcha Day crown.  She used to surprise me with one every year but this year I got to help decorate it.  
Here are pictures of me in my different Gotcha Day crowns.
I love Gotcha Day because it makes me happy.   It makes me feel really special..  I love my family.