Saturday, February 21, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Kennedy

                                              Karate class

Hi, I’m Kennedy.  Today I will be talking about my karate class and how I’ve gotten to a blue belt in the intermediate class.  Every day at karate we say the student creed.  Here are the words to the student creed.  I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and to avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health.  I intend to develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.  I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and defensively to help myself and others and never be abusive or offensive.  

I started karate when I was four and now I’m seven.  

I have been in karate for about three years.  In the little samurai class I started as a white belt then I got to red.  These are the belts I’ve completed in the little samurai class white, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue and red.  These are the belts that I’ve completed in the intermediate class yellow, orange, green and purple.  
Kennedy-Little Samurai 5.jpg
Karate has taught me not only how to defend myself but also discipline and respect.
Kennedy-Little Samurai 1.jpg
I recommend going to Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts. You will learn many things that are fun.  You will also do lots of exercises.


I will be a black belt when I am 9-10 years old.
Kennedy-Orange Belt 2.jpg
When karate class is complete we say the Principles of a Black Belt here are the words.  As a dedicated student of the martial arts I will live by the Principles of a Black Belt modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, courage and indomitable spirit.

Kennedy-Orange Belt.jpg        

Monday, February 16, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Peyton

My name is Peyton.  I play on the Firestars soccer team in Natomas.  During our outdoor season we practice Mondays and Wednesdays and play games on Saturdays.  I love sports!  Soccer is my favorite sport because I run a lot and kick a lot.  My father is the assistant coach and my friend, Maya Goodwin’s father is the head coach.  Below is a picture of my team, The Firestars!
Above are my teammates:  First row: Maya, Rebekah, Reagan, Madeline, Audrey, Second Row: Mira, Celia, me, Olivia.  Not pictured are Juila, Andrea, and Alex.  We played in a seeding tournament at the beginning of the season to determine who we would play against in the season.  We played against four soccer teams.  The score of the first game was 0-0,  second game was 0-4, third game was 5-1 and the last game was 2-5.  My team won three games and lost one.  We did really good.  I thought we were going to lose all the games because the other teams were so good.  I was so happy we played so good.

This is a picture of me playing against the Land Park Unicorns.  We won this game 2-1!
This is another picture of me playing against West Sac Attack.  We won 3-1!  Our final record was four losses and six wins.

Above is another fun picture of my team.  I really like all of the girls on my team.  We play hard and have lots of fun!

At the end of the season, we played in another tournament.  It was called the Natomas Cup.  It was suppose to be played outdoors, but we had too much rain, so we played indoors.  We played in the new indoor arena called The Coliseum.  We played several games and made it to the championship game.  In the championship game, we played against the hardest team named Splash and we won!  It was the best!  We won the gold trophies and Splash took home the silver trophies.  Here is a picture after we won the tournament.
Go Firestars!  I hope you liked reading about my soccer team.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Angela

Hi, I am Angela. Today, I want to talk about an amazing sport. It is gymnastics. My school is called Youngsters Inc. Gymnastics. When I first started, I was really nervous but when I tried it, it was really easy. My first coach was Robin. He was an awesome, funny guy. 

When I first started, I was an intro student. I recently moved to another level called intermediate, which is called white stars.
In white stars we do handstands, bridges, casts, pull ups on the bar, flips, air best on the highest beam, forward roll on the lowest beam, middle splits, flips, straddle jumps, and backwards rolls.

I can almost do a pull up on the bar and I can almost do a handstand too. My white star coach is Ms. Tiffany. She  is a teenager and she is good. She is 17 years old. Sometimes I need help doing handstands. She taught me how to do it by tucking my belly. So I did it and I could almost reach to the top! We have a little trampoline and that’s where we do straddle jumps. I also can do splits but it really hurts my legs.

When I finished my intro classes, I got two awards. My favorite gymnastics athlete is Gabby Douglas. She has won gold medals in the olympics. When I grow up I want to be in the olympics too. I want to be with a team in a competition and I hope to win a gold medal.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Celebrity of the week-Colin

Hi, my name is Colin and I will be talking about my hip hop class at Step 1.  I started my class last summer. I like dancing because I like watching the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

I learned different moves. I also learned how to dance to the beat too. I feel like I have potential in dancing. Do you love to dance like me? Maybe when I get better I’ll take a break dancing class.

My teacher’s name is Miss Angela.  She is nice, funny and helpful. This is a picture of Miss Angela and me.   
I had a recital at the end of the session in December.  The session was 6 months long.  The song I performed to was Rude by Magic. My dance group’s name was Magic. This is a picture of a pose I did.

This is when I did my dress rehearsal. Being on stage was dark. There were spotlights on the stage. The spotlights were really bright. I was not scared. It was fun when I did my recital.
After the recital I got flowers and a jolly rancher lei. I am looking forward to the next session. I love to dance!