Monday, March 10, 2014

Student Blogger-Britney

Hi, I am Britney and I am seven years old.   I go to Natomas Charter School and in Mrs.Torres’s class.  I live with my parents and my little brother,  David.

One of my hobbies is to play soccer.  I have been playing soccer for two years.  I play indoor and outdoor in Natomas area.

My other hobby is to play the piano.  I am learning how to play Let It Go right now.

My favorite places are Legoland, Gilroy Gardens, and Jelly Belly Factory.  At Gilroy Gardens,  there are many fun rides at Gilroy Gardens.  Some of the rides were the mary-go-around, the caterpillar ride, and the rollercoaster.  

At Legoland, there are also many fun rides.   Most of them are the train ride, the car ride, the water ride, and the driving a car ride.  The car ride is where I got my drivers license.

At Jelly Belly Factory, there were a lot of jelly beans. There were over  thousands of jelly beans!  There were also different flavors of jelly beans and different colors of jelly beans.

My brother and I went to the Mont Chute with our family from Canada.  

My birthday parties were fun.  We had a water slide at my party.  Most of my friends came.  We had a great time on the water slide.
Thanks for listening to my life and my family!


  1. I love that soccer picture of you. I'm smiling look at your birthday picture, mostly because Ava's is the only classmate looking at the camera. That was a great birthday party.
    Mari (Ava's mom)

    1. HI Mari,
      Thank you for liking the soccer picture and the birthday party pictures. It was also a very fun party.
      Your Friend,

  2. Hello Miss Britney!
    I loved reading your blog post! I like learning about some of your favorite things to do! I also love the Jelly Belly Factory. What is your favorite flavor jelly bean? My favorite flavor is Tutti Fruity and I pick those out of the bag and hide them so I get to eat them all!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    -Ms. Steinlein

    1. Hi Ms. Steinlein,
      I'm glad you like my blog. my favorite kind of jelly bean is green apple.I'm also glad that you learned some of my favorite things to do.
      Your Student,

  3. Hi Britney,
    Iv'e never been to Legoland, Gilroy Gardens, or the Jelly Belly Factory. Did you finish playing Let It Go on your piano yet? It's my favorite song. My favorite Jelly Belly flavors are Cherry and Green Apple. I love your blog!
    Your friend,

    1. Hi Bianca,
      I know you have never been to Legoland,Gilroy Gardens, or jelly Belly Factory but all of those places are fun to go to. You should go there.I haven't finished playing Let It Go yet but I will finish it someday.I'm glad you like jelly beans.
      Your Friend,

  4. Dear Britney, Is it hard to play soccer? wear are you at the jellybean flattery I was at ether New York or Wallenstein d.c . I love your blog.


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