Monday, March 17, 2014

Student Blogger-Kaleb

Hi!  My name is Kaleb Kai Meunreua.  I am 7 years old, half Filipino, ¼ Laos and ¼ Thai.  I have two sisters, Kaely and Kenzie and one brother, Kaden.  I also have a dog named Millie.  I enjoy playing with my siblings, playing video games and building Legos.  

I’d like to share my adventure to Thailand and Laos with you today.  Last year in March was the first of many adventures for me.  I rode an airplane to Thailand and Laos for the first time.  It took us 13 hours to get to Thailand and another 4 hours to get to Laos.  I was so excited, but also a little scared.

I got to meet my grandparents for the first time.  They were so excited to see my dad and I.  They haven’t seen my dad in 10 years.  During our two week stay, we went to the zoo and elephant sanctuary where we got to ride an elephant and feed them too.  It was so fun, but it also smelled.

We also went to the beach, hiked to a waterfall and visited family.
In our culture, the Monks put yarn around your wrists for good luck.  I had so many by the time I went back home.
We also visited a few temples that had big statues of Buddha. Some of them are even made out of gold.
I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog.



  1. Hi Kaleb,
    Was it fun visiting your grandparents in ten years,even your dad? I'm thinking it was fun visiting your grandparents. Your picture of you riding the elephant looks fun but it was smelly. It looks like those bracelets from the Monks do mean good luck. I really like your blog post, Kaleb.
    Your Friend,

  2. Hello Kaleb,
    Did the elephant stink so badly that you had to hold your nose? I would want to get those yarn bracelets because it means good luck. Where did you go to get the bracelets?
    You Friend,
    Keara (/-_-/)

  3. Dear,Kaleb It's pretty cool to meet your grandparents.Wow you get to go to the beach.What is your favorite to do there? from,Sean

  4. Dear Kaleb,

    I have gone on a elephant to!
    Do you have a dog?
    I have gone fishing!

  5. Hi Kaleb!
    I like that all your siblings names start with K. I love the picture of the elaphant. Why Does all your siblings names start with K?

  6. Hello,
    Matthew here it's cool how you went to the forest.I love the outdoors.what is the place that you road the elephants?

  7. Hi Kaleb,

    Amazing you got to ride an elephant! That is once in a lifetime type of experience. Were you scared?

    Mari (Ava's Mom)

  8. Dear Kaleb,
    Was the elephant on picture your pet?

  9. Dear Kaleb,
    I sounds like you had a great time! Were you excited to meet your family in Thailand? Why were you little bit scared?What did you played with your relatives that live in Thailand?Where you having fun?Did you know when I was going to anther state I was a little bit scared too!Do you know the monks names?I play with Lego too!
    Your friend,

  10. Dear Kaleb,
    WOW! I never you got to do all of that fun stuff.Were you scared of the elephant? I saw that you were hiking. Did you like hiking? If I were you I would say yes.

  11. Hi Kaleb,
    how many yarn bracelets did you get? I wish I can feed and ride an elephant. I bet it's really fun. I didn't know that you were Thai and Laos too. I would like to get a yarn bracelet too. You're lucky that you got lots of yarn bracelets.
    I really like your blog post!
    Your friend,


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