Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Star of the week-Khloe

Hi my name is Khloe And I’m going to share some facts that you never knew about me! I have a lot of  stuff animals one of them takes up the hole bed and it’s a dolphin it’s like this but pink, straight and shorter.

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One time I ate some paper and I said, "Yummy". I thought that would taste like nothing but it has a hint of sweetness to it . Also, when my brother was little, he used to eat toilet paper.

A roll of toilet paper

I have two Houses and my mom owns one of them and my dad doesn't own the other one because he moved in with my uncle Thaimy, He loves sports.

A one-story split-level,

OK time for facts about me! When I was little I did business in my diaper and my dad ask my mom to change me but she said no and there were no diapers so my dad went to one of the sinks and he took off my diaper and there a wet business so my dad had to turn on the water. Then he useD a blowdryer and it was hot and the very first word was HOT DADDY! And that's my very first word story! Solano Hair Dryer- Gives


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