Monday, March 23, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Bodie

Bo playing.JPG

first image.jpeg
Hello I am Bodie.  I like to play the awesome game Terraria on my iPad.  It is kind of like Minecraft because it is made out if pixels and it has pickaxes, axes, swords and armor but it is a little different because they do have round edges and there are a lot of chests that have loot.  You can move side to side and up and down but not as much as Minecraft.

I play the game by myself a lot but my dad and I sometimes play together, when he has time., It is really fun! Terraria is a game where there is a lot of evil bosses and mobs that you have to destroy to get loot and money.  Can I tell you some of the bosses?  There is Skeletron, Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Queen Bee, Plantera and the Wall of Flesh.  The Wall of Flesh is the boss you have to defeat to get to hard mode.  I have not made it to hard mode yet but I think I am really close!  I just need a voodoo doll and then I can summon the Wall of Flesh and then I will defeat it.
wall of flesh.jpg
Dad and Bo Playing.JPG


I made a house that people that have moved into my house, they are non-players characters (NPC`s).  We are thinking about making a new house and destroy the old one.  The new house will be super cool and it’s going to be in the shape of a tree, it will be something like the one in this picture.  My room and my dads rooms will be at the very top. The NPC`S that move in trade with you for the money you get from mobs and bosses.

I want to tell you some armor there is pumpkin, armor copper armor, silver armor, gold armor, shadow armor, jungle armor, molten armor, creeper armor, turtle armor, Santa suit, Mrs. Clause suit, Mythril armor and cobalt armor.  I have the Shadow Armor on my guy, his name is DanTDM.

Terraria is my new favorite game on my iPad.  I really like all the places I can go, things I can do and the cool bosses I get to defeat.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Trevor

My Name is Trevor and I have four dogs that I'd like to tell you about. My dogs are named, Marshmallow, Moose, Macy and Scout. Having four dogs is a lot of work (for my parents at least), but it's a lot of fun as well. Moose is a St. Bernard. She's really tall but only weighs 116 pounds. She has bad hips so my mom has to carry her up the stairs every night so she can sleep with us. She used to be able to walk up them, but now she falls sometimes.  If my mom doesn't carry her upstairs she will bark from downstairs and cry like a whale. She's spoiled.

    My dogs come in all different sizes. One is Golden Retriever, one is a terrier mix and the other is a Border Collie.  When I try to take my dogs for a walk they grab their own leashes and walk all by themselves. My dogs are always doing silly stuff.

    I used to have a Chocolate Labrador named Lucy.  She has been my dog ever since I was born. It's hard for me to talk about her because she was my best friend and we had to put her to sleep last year. It was so painful for me to go through that. I really miss her. I used to play with her everyday. She would play soccer and swim with us.  She was the best dog ever!  I used to play hide and seek with her and my mom. She would always show me where my mom was hiding. It was so fun!  When we play soccer my dogs would always grab the ball with their mouths and take it over to spot on the grass. Playing is always more fun when my dogs are around.  

    We have joined a Labrador Rescue group and have been hoping to get another Labrador. So far we haven't been that lucky. My mom says we will possibly get a puppy soon. I can't wait for that puppy. It's all I want!!  I keep waiting and dreaming of that day!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Ashlyn

My Trip to Utah

My family goes to St. George, Utah every Spring Break. We go to see my grandma and grandpa. I always have a lot of fun visiting my grandparents and playing with them. At their house I get to watch whatever I want on tv. Whenever we come to visit, my grandparents get out their bin of toys for me and Emma to play with.  We also like to play lots of games like Skip Bo, Yahtzee and Old Maid. My grandma, Mom and I also like to color in coloring books my grandma has.

There are lots of hiking and bike trails by their house, too. This is a picture of me, my sister Emma, and my Dad walking along the Virgin River.
ry=400 (3).jpg
This is a picture of me and my grandpa hiking by the river. I was picking up rocks and then seeing how far they would jump along the water. The flat and big rocks went pretty far but the little rocks didn”t.  I wanted to take my shoes off, and was able to for part of it, where there wasn”t a lot of pokey plants. We saw lizards laying on rocks in the sun and even saw deer on the other side of the river!!
This is a picture of me and my sister watching a big waterfall and we also saw a small waterfall.
ry=400 (10).jpg
This is when we are back at the house, in the backyard. I like to play a game that has a mat and balls that stick to it. When you throw the balls, sometimes they stick to it and sometimes they bounce off. In their backyard there is no grass, only rocks. They live in the desert, so it is very hot and dry there.
ry=400 (14).jpg
This is a picture of when we were at the park on the huge swing. It was so fun!

We are planning on going again this Spring Break. It was a very surprising and amazing place! I can”t wait to go back again!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Marcellus

I feel like I’ve been asking for a puppy for million years. I know it’s only been about 2 or 3 years but it seems like forever. I asked my dad if I can have a puppy and he told me after my brother and sister’s go to college. I have a brother named Taylor who is the oldest. He is 23 years old. I have a sister named Cheyenne who is in college in Louisiana playing soccer and she is 20 years old. That leaves my youngest sister Hailey who just went to college in Southern California this year. Now since my sisters are in college I can get a puppy. I was hoping that it I would get a puppy for Christmas, but on Christmas day there was no puppy. I was sad, but happy for all my other presents. I asked my dad to surprise me when I get a puppy. Then one day he came home from work and asked me and my mom to come see his truck because he said something was wrong with it. He told us to open the back and there was a puppy in a crate. He was so cute. I was hoping for a Bullmastiff like my brother and sisters had and my dad brought me a Presa Canario. It is the same type of dog. I was so excited when I got to play with him 

He has already got big in just a few weeks 

I named him Kie because it was the first name that popped up in my head. My puppy will be a big dog over 100lbs. Kie’s breed comes from Spain’s Canary Island and they were bred for working livestock. He is a lot of work. We have to take him to the bathroom all the time. My mom doesn’t like when he goes to the bathroom in the house. She said she didn’t want a dog but she buys him a toy every week. I know she really likes him, but she just doesn’t like the way he smells sometime.  She thinks she didn’t want a puppy, but we all know she loves Kie. Me and my brother take him to the dog park so he can get to know other dogs. He sleeps when he rides in the car. I love my dog Kie.