Monday, March 23, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Bodie

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Hello I am Bodie.  I like to play the awesome game Terraria on my iPad.  It is kind of like Minecraft because it is made out if pixels and it has pickaxes, axes, swords and armor but it is a little different because they do have round edges and there are a lot of chests that have loot.  You can move side to side and up and down but not as much as Minecraft.

I play the game by myself a lot but my dad and I sometimes play together, when he has time., It is really fun! Terraria is a game where there is a lot of evil bosses and mobs that you have to destroy to get loot and money.  Can I tell you some of the bosses?  There is Skeletron, Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Queen Bee, Plantera and the Wall of Flesh.  The Wall of Flesh is the boss you have to defeat to get to hard mode.  I have not made it to hard mode yet but I think I am really close!  I just need a voodoo doll and then I can summon the Wall of Flesh and then I will defeat it.
wall of flesh.jpg
Dad and Bo Playing.JPG


I made a house that people that have moved into my house, they are non-players characters (NPC`s).  We are thinking about making a new house and destroy the old one.  The new house will be super cool and it’s going to be in the shape of a tree, it will be something like the one in this picture.  My room and my dads rooms will be at the very top. The NPC`S that move in trade with you for the money you get from mobs and bosses.

I want to tell you some armor there is pumpkin, armor copper armor, silver armor, gold armor, shadow armor, jungle armor, molten armor, creeper armor, turtle armor, Santa suit, Mrs. Clause suit, Mythril armor and cobalt armor.  I have the Shadow Armor on my guy, his name is DanTDM.

Terraria is my new favorite game on my iPad.  I really like all the places I can go, things I can do and the cool bosses I get to defeat.


  1. Dear Bodie,
    I love Terria too. I even play it I have the iron armor. Have you ever been to the very bottom of the world? But there actually not that much loot down there. How do you get shadow armor? Is it powerful? I've built a huge village that covers up the whole world! I bet you are a super good player Bye. By: Chase

  2. Dear Bodie,
    The game Terraria sounds fun. where did you find the game?
    From Peyton

  3. Dear Bodie, 2015 4/16/15
    Your my best friend.Your very funny. Have you beaten the wall of flesh yet? I think your going to be a great tearia player.I have another question have you built your new house yet
    Your Friend,

  4. Dear Bodie,
    So far Terraria sounds pretty awsome. What does the eater of worlds do bodie?I wonder if my sister would like to upload it on her ipad.

  5. Dear Bodie
    I wonder how it is to play TERRARIA is it fun awesome?I love mojang games.

  6. Dear Bodie I think minecraft is simaler to tearea but tearea looks cooler


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