Friday, March 13, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Trevor

My Name is Trevor and I have four dogs that I'd like to tell you about. My dogs are named, Marshmallow, Moose, Macy and Scout. Having four dogs is a lot of work (for my parents at least), but it's a lot of fun as well. Moose is a St. Bernard. She's really tall but only weighs 116 pounds. She has bad hips so my mom has to carry her up the stairs every night so she can sleep with us. She used to be able to walk up them, but now she falls sometimes.  If my mom doesn't carry her upstairs she will bark from downstairs and cry like a whale. She's spoiled.

    My dogs come in all different sizes. One is Golden Retriever, one is a terrier mix and the other is a Border Collie.  When I try to take my dogs for a walk they grab their own leashes and walk all by themselves. My dogs are always doing silly stuff.

    I used to have a Chocolate Labrador named Lucy.  She has been my dog ever since I was born. It's hard for me to talk about her because she was my best friend and we had to put her to sleep last year. It was so painful for me to go through that. I really miss her. I used to play with her everyday. She would play soccer and swim with us.  She was the best dog ever!  I used to play hide and seek with her and my mom. She would always show me where my mom was hiding. It was so fun!  When we play soccer my dogs would always grab the ball with their mouths and take it over to spot on the grass. Playing is always more fun when my dogs are around.  

    We have joined a Labrador Rescue group and have been hoping to get another Labrador. So far we haven't been that lucky. My mom says we will possibly get a puppy soon. I can't wait for that puppy. It's all I want!!  I keep waiting and dreaming of that day!


  1. Dear Trevor,
    OMG!!!!!!Your mom carries your dog.It must be hard.What is Moose sister?
    Do you miss Lucy?

    your Friend,

    1. Yes I really miss Lucy moose does not have a sister your thinking of scout scout is my brothers dog he found it in a box just trapped in a box
      It's Trevor

  2. Dear Trevor,
    Your dogs remind me when I had a little chihuahua named daisy. I got her from santa but she got adopted by another person because I was not old enough to take care of a dog. Did you or any of your family members trained Lucy?

    1. My mom and my dad

  3. Dear Trever,
    Why can't Moose walk up the stairs is he getting to old?
    From Peyton

  4. Dear Trevor,
    Is hide and seek your favorite game to play with Lucy?
    Hide and seek is fun. Did you play hide and seek with your pets
    that you had now?


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