Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Marcellus

I feel like I’ve been asking for a puppy for million years. I know it’s only been about 2 or 3 years but it seems like forever. I asked my dad if I can have a puppy and he told me after my brother and sister’s go to college. I have a brother named Taylor who is the oldest. He is 23 years old. I have a sister named Cheyenne who is in college in Louisiana playing soccer and she is 20 years old. That leaves my youngest sister Hailey who just went to college in Southern California this year. Now since my sisters are in college I can get a puppy. I was hoping that it I would get a puppy for Christmas, but on Christmas day there was no puppy. I was sad, but happy for all my other presents. I asked my dad to surprise me when I get a puppy. Then one day he came home from work and asked me and my mom to come see his truck because he said something was wrong with it. He told us to open the back and there was a puppy in a crate. He was so cute. I was hoping for a Bullmastiff like my brother and sisters had and my dad brought me a Presa Canario. It is the same type of dog. I was so excited when I got to play with him 

He has already got big in just a few weeks 

I named him Kie because it was the first name that popped up in my head. My puppy will be a big dog over 100lbs. Kie’s breed comes from Spain’s Canary Island and they were bred for working livestock. He is a lot of work. We have to take him to the bathroom all the time. My mom doesn’t like when he goes to the bathroom in the house. She said she didn’t want a dog but she buys him a toy every week. I know she really likes him, but she just doesn’t like the way he smells sometime.  She thinks she didn’t want a puppy, but we all know she loves Kie. Me and my brother take him to the dog park so he can get to know other dogs. He sleeps when he rides in the car. I love my dog Kie.


  1. Jessica (Chase's mom)March 1, 2015 at 9:28 PM

    Marcellus, your doggie is adorable! You guys are brave to get such a big dog. Thank you for introducing us to Kie!

  2. Dear Marcellus, your dog is so cute! Are Dogs your second favorite animal? Puppy and dogs are my most favorite thing in the world!๐Ÿ•

  3. Marcellus, my last comment to you was from me.

    From, Oceana

  4. Dear Marcellus,
    your pup is so awesome! Remember when you came over to my house it was outstanding! I feel like I have been asking for a pup to.I forgot your pups name what is it?


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