Friday, March 6, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Ashlyn

My Trip to Utah

My family goes to St. George, Utah every Spring Break. We go to see my grandma and grandpa. I always have a lot of fun visiting my grandparents and playing with them. At their house I get to watch whatever I want on tv. Whenever we come to visit, my grandparents get out their bin of toys for me and Emma to play with.  We also like to play lots of games like Skip Bo, Yahtzee and Old Maid. My grandma, Mom and I also like to color in coloring books my grandma has.

There are lots of hiking and bike trails by their house, too. This is a picture of me, my sister Emma, and my Dad walking along the Virgin River.
ry=400 (3).jpg
This is a picture of me and my grandpa hiking by the river. I was picking up rocks and then seeing how far they would jump along the water. The flat and big rocks went pretty far but the little rocks didn”t.  I wanted to take my shoes off, and was able to for part of it, where there wasn”t a lot of pokey plants. We saw lizards laying on rocks in the sun and even saw deer on the other side of the river!!
This is a picture of me and my sister watching a big waterfall and we also saw a small waterfall.
ry=400 (10).jpg
This is when we are back at the house, in the backyard. I like to play a game that has a mat and balls that stick to it. When you throw the balls, sometimes they stick to it and sometimes they bounce off. In their backyard there is no grass, only rocks. They live in the desert, so it is very hot and dry there.
ry=400 (14).jpg
This is a picture of when we were at the park on the huge swing. It was so fun!

We are planning on going again this Spring Break. It was a very surprising and amazing place! I can”t wait to go back again!


  1. Dear Ashlyn,
    I really like how you added lots of detail in your blog. You are really lucky to go to St. George Utah on your spring breaks. Your blog reminds me when I went to the beach on my spring break. Was the deer a female or a male?

  2. Dear Ashlyn,
    I think it would really cool if I got to go to a vacation every spring break I think you are really lucky.Did you know that I also like to play Old Maid? I also get to go on vacation but I don't get to go every spring break. What kind of lizard was on the rock when you saw it?

  3. Dear Ashlyn,
    The place where you went looks so pretty I wish I could go there.
    Your friend,Peyton

  4. Dear Ashlyn,
    I love Utah its amazing the hotels awesome.I have been to the little river its so cold.I liked when i slip into to the lake it was so funny.I have been to Utah before.Why do you like Utah.


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