Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Star of the Week-Matthew

Dear Class,

I love to go to Monterey with my friends. My favorite thing to do there is go to the beach. I like to play in the waves with my friends and my brother. When the waves are small me, my friends and my brother stay in the waves. When the waves are big we run away!


I also like to go to river cats games with my friends.

This summer I went to Seattle and Vancouver with my parents, my brother and my grandparents.  I went to Seattle for four nights and I went to Vancouver for two nights.  First I went to the airport and went on a two hour airplane flight. When we landed in Seattle it was lunch time. After we ate lunch we went to our hotel and got a room on the tenth floor.The next day we went to the Space Needle.  It is six hundred and five feet tall.      
IMG_2060.JPG (2).JPG

A couple of days later I went to the Mariners game but I was cheering for the Tigers. The Tigers won 5 to 4. I got ice cream and pizza!
IMG_0290.JPG (3).JPG
In Vancouver there is an Orca whale that is made out of blocks.
IMG_0299.JPG (2).JPG

I loved going on my trip to Seattle and Vancouver!!!

Your friend,


  1. Hi Matthew,

    It looks like you had a very fun summer at the beach and traveling with your family. Thank you for sharing. Do you have a favorite baseball team? Do you play baseball? Did you like riding on the airplane? I like riding airplanes, but I don't like how my ears plug up as the altitude changes. Did you go up the Space Needle? If you did, how did everything look like from up there?

    Katherine's mom

  2. Hi Matthew,
    I did not know that there was a whale made out of blocks in Vancouver. Do you think that the Space Needle is the highest structure in Seattle? What is your favorite baseball team? What was it like on the plane ride? Was it fun or boring? I sometimes like plane rides if there are TVs on the backs of the seats. Do you like Minecraft?
    Your friend,


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