Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Star of the Week-Jalen

Dear Class,
My favorite game on my kindle fire is Minecraft and the internet.  On the internet I usually watch the Diamond Minecart and Stampy Long Nose.  On Minecraft I’m trying to dye a wolf’s collar to from red to blue.  

One of my other favorite books that I like to read is Minecraft Crafting Book.  It is not a new book, but it’s much bigger than usual Minecraft books, and it’s not a small Minecraft book, like Combat, for example.  It talks about how you can craft things in Minecraft, like magnets, secret blocks, lasers and other stuff like that.  You can only get it at Walmart, but sadly they’re all sold out of the books.  

Hey, I have to go now.  Bye!


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  3. Dear Jalen- I also wish i had mine craft books too, and also i love mine craft a lot! what do you mean by dying from red to blue?
    I wrote you an awesome letter with a few questions for your book for class.

  4. Hi AJ, I mean that when you tame a dog in minecraft, doesn't the color of the collar start out red, so I'm trying to turn that color to blue. I'm changing the color by using the formula for dye.
    See you tomorrow,

  5. Hey Class, I'm back. hay did you know that you can get a command block in Minecraft.edu? About the pictures I showed you guys, how did you like it? Also, how did you like me in that huge tree? It was lots of fun!! You should try it! About the ski board, you can get one at Shaver Lake. Bye!

  6. Hi Jalen,
    Since the new update, when you tame dogs, their collars start off white and you cannot dye their collars, because instead you will just hit them. I did not know there were lasers in Minecraft!


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