Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Star of the week-Zoey

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am Zoey Frederickson and I turned 8 years old on Christmas Eve.
I love building Legos. I have build 40 Lego models. This summer my family and I plan to go to Lego Land in San Diego. I can’t wait!
These are my Shopkins collection. I have 203 of them and I would like to collect more.
My grandma from the Philippines came to visit. She is 88 years old. I was 3 years old when I visited the Philippines. I hope I get to visit there again.
This is my dog Chico. We had him before I was born. Now he is in heaven. We all miss him so much. I wish I can get another dog.
I love sweet treats like cupcake, frozen yogurt and ice cream.
Thank you for visiting my  blog!


  1. I like the pictures on your blog. How many legos do you have? I also like legos to.

  2. Dear Zoey,
    I like your blog because you put so many cute picture's on there especially the picture of Chico. I am so sorry Chico is in heaven. Was Chico a nice dog or a mean dog? When your grandma visited from the Philippines what vehical did she take to get to Sacramento?

    your friend Alana

    1. My grandma came to Sacramento by an Air plane. My dog was a nice dog because labradors are good. Thank you for seeing my blog.
      From, zoey

  3. Dear Zoey,
    I have 123 shopkins. Do you have ultra rare shopkins? Did you get limited edition shopkins? I love your lego's you made and i love your dog. From,Karis

  4. Dear Zoey,
    I think you are very nice. Thank you for sharing information with me. How many Shopkins are there in the world
    From, Matthew

  5. Dear Zoey,
    What is your favorite shopkin? I like the picture of you holding a lego house above your head. I love the picture of you and your dog.
    From Tianna

  6. Dear Zoey,
    You are a cool person,nice girl and your AWESOME! I really like the shoes that you wear and your style the way you dress it's beauty to my eyes. YOU ARE A AWESOME COOL GIRL!
    From Khloe

  7. Dear Zoey,
    You built so much amazing lego sets. I have a lot of shopkins too. How long did it take to build all of those lego sets?


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