Monday, February 1, 2016

Star of the Week-Aubrey

Hello my name is Aubrey and on February 6th I will be turning 8 years old.  I like 

I like working on science projects and visiting science museums!

Last year on one of our trips to San Francisco we drove across the Golden Gate bridge and stopped at The beach at Crissy field. Usually the water is very cold but it was so hot in San Francisco, I swam in the ocean. I also walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.
This is a picture of sea mussels I found at the beach in Fort Bragg!
I like to cook. Last week my Grandma helped me create an anniversary dinner for my mom and dad’s anniversary . It was fun creating the menu, decorating and cooking. 

This is the cake I made.

This is how the cake looked when I finished it.

On my free time I enjoy playing Legos and playing Minecraft.

Sometimes I start drawing things when I am at home, here are a few examples of my drawings.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!!


  1. Hi Aubrey,This is Vivaan.How are u doing my friends.I miss you all and Mrs Torres each day!!I will come to see you guys again soon.Miss u all.Lots of love

  2. Hi Aubrey.This is Karis. Did you have fun in San Francisco? Did your mom and dad like the cake that you and your grandma made?You are very creative in art class. Love Karis

  3. Dear Aubrey,
    I like your art work and the rainbow. What is your favorite art work you have made? see you soon Aubrey. From Aj

  4. Dear Aubrey,
    I love your volcano because it fascinating because you made it by your self but maybe you had some help and I loved you made a cake with some help because you made it for your mom and dad.Do you have a pet by any chance .

  5. Dear Aubrey,
    I love playing minecraft too! My favorite build is stuff for war, what is your favorite thing to build in minecraft ,and do you like playing creative or survivail

  6. Dear Aubrey,
    I like your art. I really like minecraft too. Have you ever built the white house in minecraft?

  7. Dear Aubrey,
    I think you are very nice. Thank you for sharing so much information with me. How many cakes have you baked in your life?
    From Matthew

  8. Dear Aubrey,
    I like the picture of the volcano. I like to play Minecraft to. I also like the picture of the sun set. Have you ever built the White House in Minecraft?
    From Tianna

  9. Dear Aubrey,
    I think that the sun and moon you did looks great. I love playing minecraft because you can build stuff creatively what is the awesomest thing you ever build in minecraft. Your friend Noah,


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