Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Star of the Week-Katherine


Dear Class,

Hello!  My name is Katherine.  I want to tell you about me.  I like listening to music, singing, and dancing.  I play violin and piano.  I really like nature and I want to be a veterinarian.  My favorite animal is deer.  I like to travel.  I have traveled to South Carolina, Alaska, Lake Tahoe, Canada, Korea, Oregon, Washington state, Anaheim, and Fresno.  I liked camping at Big Basin.  Big Basin is a little bit wild.  I like to go to Disneyland and Six Flags.  I took a trip to Six Flags right before school started.  It was a lot of fun.  My favorite part was the butterfly habitat.  I stayed still for a long time and 15 butterflies landed on me.  One of them went on my finger.  We even saw 3 emerge from its chrysalis.
There was a dolphin that came to the window.  He was very friendly and danced for me.  We went to a dolphin show and we got splashed by the dolphins on purpose.IMG_5404.JPGIMG_5405.JPGIMG_5406.JPGIMG_5408.JPGIMG_5398.JPGIMG_5349.JPGIMG_5362.JPGIMG_5399.JPG
My mom and me got to ride an elephant.IMG_5416.JPG
It was the same one that I went on when I was little.  I got to feed sea lions and seals.  I got to touch stingrays.  One of them was hurt.  I got to hold a parrot named Hannah.  I took a picture with two parrots.  I saw my first bald eagle and I saw other animals.IMG_5369.JPGIMG_5378.JPGIMG_5342.JPGIMG_5391.JPG

I hope you have as much fun as I did if you go to Six Flags!IMG_5418.JPG

1 comment:

  1. Hi Katherine,
    It is cool how you were able to ride on an elephant's back! Did the dolphin put on a show for you? Were you really wet after the dolphin show? It is cool how you saw butterflies emerge from their chrysalis!


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