Monday, October 12, 2015

Star of the Week-AJ

Hi, I am Aj and I just got back from Hawaii.

I love whoppers and pie.  I also love apple juice a lot too.  My favorite restaurant to eat at is Bella Bru.

At Aulani in Hawaii I went on the lazy river and the water slides a whole bunch of times.  I really like science too and they have a fun science class called Stitch’s space goo where you get to make green goo.

I live with my mom and my dad my dog Pasha- she went to the Wag hotel for our Hawaii trip.

My favorite subject in school is workshop and math.  

I love minecraft and I also like the new skylanders game superchargers- i don’t have it yet but i found out there’s all kinds of new elements like earth, sea and sky.

I also love Disneyland- I built a star wars light saber in Disneyland after the star tours ride.  I love the star tours ride!!

I hope you have fun reading my post and looking at my pictures.




  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Hawaii and what a great blog about your life. (I'm sure Pasha missed you). You are very interested in so many things and I am not surprised you love math and science. Happy 8th birthday!

  2. Hi AJ, my name is Chris, and your grandma Barbara sent me your post. I loved your pictures, and you did such a great job writing about your adventures in Hawaii and Disneyland. I have a granddaughter, Charlie, who is in the second grade too, and she also loves math and science. Congratulations on a job well done!

  3. Hi AJ!
    Happy 8th birthday. We all loved reading your blog post. Wish we could have come to Hawaii with you! Most of all we loved seeing the pictures of you, love how you are always smiling with your eyes too! Love, Alli, Sherrick, Maggie, Charlotte and Matthew

  4. I have always loved your beautiful and contagious smile. Happy 8th birthday. What a fun vacation you had in Hawaii. Love you.

    Auntie Melbs

  5. Dear Aj, I think you had a wonderful time in Disneyland, and doing your Science. How long have you ben to Disneyland and doing Science?

    Your Classmate, Savannah

    1. hi savannah
      I have been doing science for 5 years and going to disneyland for 6 years. how long have you been going to disnylnd?

  6. Hi AJ,
    I like to read. Do you? I like science too. Have you ever made any explosions? If you did, how big was it? Do you think you could be a mad scientist one day? I don't know anything about Skylanders, but I do like Minecraft. Do you know about Bounty Hunter and Hunger Games in Minecraft worlds? Have you ever played in survival mode or do you always play in creative mode?
    From, Amaru

  7. Dear Aj,
    I like your pictures because they look great. Ho were you for Halloween on 2015? How was your day at a aulani?


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