Monday, April 27, 2015

Celebrity of the week-Oceana

Hi, I am Oceana. I am going to share what I know about Violin . Violin is an instrument and is very hard to play. Also, there are very few people who play it. I started Violin about 6 or 5 months ago. I have 4 songs I know well. The first song took me 2 weeks to learn. The second song took me about two months! I didn’t practice a lot. the third song only took me 2 weeks to learn. At home when I practice violin, some of the things I practice ( well, are called exercises) are: rolling finger, A 123 E123 then, backwards, and EADG then backwards. If you don’t know what that means, you should play Violin!
Here is a picture of what the strings are called and where the strings are on the Violin.

SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public Domain

Here’s a picture of a bow.


Here’s a picture of a shoulder rest. It makes it so when you play your Violin, your chin is not uncomfortable.

Violin, Musikaliska, Fiol

Last, here is a simple photo of a Violin.

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  1. How lovely! Congratulations, Annie. You have a good ear and sense of rhythm. I so loved hearing you playmTwinkle, twinkle little star. Keep up the good work. Love, Grandma


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