Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Anderson

My San Diego Trip   
AnderwithSnowball.jpgDuring Christmas break 2014 I went to San Diego. I went to places
like Legoland, the beach, San Diego Zoo, and Sea World.  In Legoland there was a temporary snow area where I made snowballs and threw them at the different targets.  I also went snow tubing down a hill. Another fun event I did was climbing up the highest tower in Fun Town and pushing a button at the top.  I was scared in the middle but my mom and dad convinced me to climb all way to the top.   

20141222_174435.jpgMy favorite ride was Driving School.  The ride had stop lights, stop signs, and pavement markings like on a real road.  It feels like you are in a real car but it is smaller.  At the end, you get a driver license.

At the beach I went in the water and collected rocks.  I also  made a sand castle with a moat and a channel.   I also tried to make a wall made from rocks around the castle but the wall couldn’t stand the waves hitting it.  So we just built the castle without the wall. 20141228_142032.jpg
At the San Diego Zoo I went on a tour bus/tram that went all over the zoo. I saw a  peacock with a lot colors.  
The one with lots of colors is a boy to attract the girls.  The girls are brown.  I also saw big animals like elephants, polar bears and a hippopotamus.  I saw the hippopotamus swimming under water.  
I also  learned that polar bears live in the cold like in  Norway and elephants live in hot places like West Africa.  I also learned that they are both endangered animals.

At Sea World I saw and touched cleaner fish, reindeers, sharks, dolphins and stingrays.  At first I was scared when I put my whole hand in the touch pool full of cleaner fish.  The cleaner fish came to my hand and started nibbling on it. I felt ticklish so I kept pulling my hand out of the water.   

Near the end of the day we went to the Christmas Celebration area where I could drink hot chocolate, sled down a snowhill, and throw snowballs at targets.  If you hit the bullseye it will make a sound.


In conclusion, my San Diego trip was amazing and I want to go again!

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  1. Dear Anderson,
    you are so brave you beat that 9 year old girl is crazy


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