Sunday, February 1, 2015

Celebrity of the week-Colin

Hi, my name is Colin and I will be talking about my hip hop class at Step 1.  I started my class last summer. I like dancing because I like watching the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

I learned different moves. I also learned how to dance to the beat too. I feel like I have potential in dancing. Do you love to dance like me? Maybe when I get better I’ll take a break dancing class.

My teacher’s name is Miss Angela.  She is nice, funny and helpful. This is a picture of Miss Angela and me.   
I had a recital at the end of the session in December.  The session was 6 months long.  The song I performed to was Rude by Magic. My dance group’s name was Magic. This is a picture of a pose I did.

This is when I did my dress rehearsal. Being on stage was dark. There were spotlights on the stage. The spotlights were really bright. I was not scared. It was fun when I did my recital.
After the recital I got flowers and a jolly rancher lei. I am looking forward to the next session. I love to dance!



  1. Colin,
    Did you know my sister Allyson dose hip hop too?
    - Sophia

  2. Dear Colin,
    I think you did an amazing job when you are dancing I could already see it from the pictures!I used to do hip hop to.Do you know the move coffee grinder for me it's kind of easy is it easy for you?
    Your friend,

  3. Dear Colin,
    Could you teach me some moves someday? Also that looks fun.

  4. Dear Colin, I really like your jolly rancher lei because there is a lot of different colors on it. Once I saw a hip hop show and I think one of the dances was on the first picture. How long have you done hip hop class for? Your friend Josh

  5. Dear Colin,
    I see you dancing sometimes your good at dancing.Every practice gets harder. Before I dance but I don't any more. What's your favorite song you dance to?
    your classmate,

  6. Dear Colin,
    You look funny in that necklace with jolly ranchers. Hip hop is awesome to do. I saw Haliegh do it once.How many songs of hip hop do you know?


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