Monday, February 9, 2015

Celebrity of the Week-Angela

Hi, I am Angela. Today, I want to talk about an amazing sport. It is gymnastics. My school is called Youngsters Inc. Gymnastics. When I first started, I was really nervous but when I tried it, it was really easy. My first coach was Robin. He was an awesome, funny guy. 

When I first started, I was an intro student. I recently moved to another level called intermediate, which is called white stars.
In white stars we do handstands, bridges, casts, pull ups on the bar, flips, air best on the highest beam, forward roll on the lowest beam, middle splits, flips, straddle jumps, and backwards rolls.

I can almost do a pull up on the bar and I can almost do a handstand too. My white star coach is Ms. Tiffany. She  is a teenager and she is good. She is 17 years old. Sometimes I need help doing handstands. She taught me how to do it by tucking my belly. So I did it and I could almost reach to the top! We have a little trampoline and that’s where we do straddle jumps. I also can do splits but it really hurts my legs.

When I finished my intro classes, I got two awards. My favorite gymnastics athlete is Gabby Douglas. She has won gold medals in the olympics. When I grow up I want to be in the olympics too. I want to be with a team in a competition and I hope to win a gold medal.



  1. Dear Angela,
    You did great on all of the stuff that you did I could already see it from the pictures!Whats flips, air best on the highest beam and straddle jump?I used to go to gymnastics too!

  2. Hi Angela! How long have you been doing gymnastics? I used to go to that gym, but now I go to Set gym they say it was the best gym in Howaii!
    - Sophia

  3. Dear Angela,
    I went to that same gym!Splits herts my legs also.What is your favorite move in gymnastics?
    - Ashlyn

  4. Dear Angela,
    You are like an professional at gymnastics! Do you think your all most done with gymnastics?

  5. Dear Angela,
    I can not be you can do all that stuff! I used to do gymnastics too. But one of my teachers were mean so I quit. I can't do the splits but I can do handstands! did you quit gymnastics?

    your best friend,


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