Sunday, November 30, 2014

Celebrity of the week Kadyn

My Maui Family Vacation by Kadyn
Every  year my family and I go to Maui during Spring break and celebrate Easter. We have an Easter egg hunt on the beach. The hotel has a big Easter celebration. We are on the island for two and a half weeks. I swim in the pool, slide on the water slide, snuba, play on the beach, snorkel and visit the activity center.
On Easter morning, I go on an Easter egg hunt on the beach with my family. I hunt for eggs that have candy and sometimes money in them. The hotel has an Easter egg hunt outside in the garden area overlooking the pools and the beach. There are hundreds of easter eggs and a lot of kids. There are only a few golden eggs to find with special notes in them. I've never found a golden egg yet, but my friend Mia that lives on the island has found one. I get my face painted like an Easter bunny. They have a lot of fun things to do.
I swim every day in the pool and the ocean. I snuba in the pool. Snuba is when you use a regulator to breath air under water. Snuba is like scuba diving. I snorkel with a lot of fish in the ocean every year. Last year I saw a turtle real close. My brother saw an eel.
I visit the activity center at the hotel a lot when I'm in Maui. A few things that I do at the activity center are bowling, miniature golfing, and a lot of arts and crafts. I've painted a coconut, jewelry box, ornaments and made a fresh flower lei.


  1. Dear,Kayden
    You are so lucky you saw a turtle.Did you like the egg hunt? I wish I was there. I go to maui also. I saw a stingrays fliper in the ocean under a rock. Did you like maui
    your classmate,

  2. You look so fancy.How many eggs did you find?I do easter egg hunts too.That looks pretty cool. love, Diego

  3. Wow, I wish I could go to Maui! But, I've only been to Oahu...😳
    - Sophia

  4. Dear Kadyn,
    I like your blog so much!How many Ester eggs did you collect?One time I went snorkeling in the water and I saw a red crab it was so big!Was the turtel a sea turtel or a other kind of turtel?
    love,Maya O

  5. Was the water slide fun?You look very nice!I wish i was there with you in mouil.I also went to hawwii.That looks fun.


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