Sunday, November 9, 2014

Celebrity of the Week-Chase

Every year my family takes a trip to Trinity Center, California for a family reunion. There is a swimming hole we visit called Mann’s Hole. This area is a deep, pool are in the Trinity River. There are rocks that me and my family love to climb and jump off. I started jumping off the low rocks when I was 4. This past year I jumped off one of the highest rocks. It is kind of scary when you first start jumping but eventually you will get over it. I jump with my dad, grandpa, aunt, and cousins. Normally to warm up a little bit we lean against the other rocks that are behind us. My dad is at the bottom and ready to help me.  

One year we went all of the way to the bottom of Mann’s Hole which is 20 feet deep. We dove down to catch two crawdads which look like crabs. We named one of them Luke Skywalker because he lost an arm in the fight with the other one we found. And then we tried to sink ourselves with huge rocks. I love  Trinity Center! Here are some pictures of me jumping:



  1. That looks like a big splash!

  2. Chase,
    You are really brave to jump off such a high place. I don't know if I would jump off that rock. I also think you are adventurous! What other brave things have tried?

  3. Chase - That was Awesome! I think it's funny you named the crawdad Luke Skywalker


    1. Do you know that we named him Luke skywalker. Because he faught the other one and lost an arm

  4. Chase,
    That was awesome.Was your brother scared of jumping off a high place?! I know that you were not scared of jumping off a cliff. What other cool stuff do you do?

    You best friend,

  5. chase,
    I really like the pictures.I wish I can do that!!! Where did you go to do that?

  6. Dear chase,
    How many feet was that cliff? Did your brother do any tricks? I liked how you jumped off the cliff. That would be scary for me!
    Your two friends,
    Kyler and Colin


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