Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Student Blogger-Rosa

I have always wanted my room to be an ocean theme and I finally got that.  My dad gave me a gift card for paint.  Than my mom ordered stickers to go on my walls.  We cleaned out my room.  We prepared it to be painted and then I started painting.  It was very fun.  My sister and my mom helped.  Then we put all the stuff back in my room, minus some toys I no longer wanted.  This took almost a week.  

After the paint was dried, my dad and I put the stickers on the walls.  I had lots of ocean decorations from going to the beach and from buying the Little Mermaid toys.  I like my room a lot now that it is painted and designed.  I want to buy some more decorative stuff next time I go to the shell shop in Florida.  I had lots of help from my family and I had lots of fun and I love my room!


  1. Dear Rosa,
    how long did it take to paint your room?Why did you pick Ariel to paint your room?I'm glad your room is fun.I've always wanted to have my own room,but I can't because my house is to small.Your friend,Rylan

    1. It took 3 days to paint my room. I picked Ariel because she is a mermaid.

  2. Hi Rosa,
    Did you change your bed? I think your room looks awesome! I would love to visit your room some day.
    Your classmate,

  3. Dear Rosa,
    WOW! Your room looks awesome. How did your dad get to make the walls look like that? Did you have to sleep in anther room? I did when we painted my room purple.


    1. Thank you. No my dad did not help. Yes I did.

  4. Hi Rosa,
    your picture of your room looks amazing! I really like all the stickers but mostly the mermaid ones. Where did you get all the paint and stickers for room? I also like the beach ball hanging in your room. Your room is just amazing!
    Your Friend,
    P.S, did your sister help you make your room like the ocean theme?

    1. Thank you. I got the stickers on line and the paint at Home Depot. My sister did help me do my room; she painted the waves. Rosa


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