Thursday, February 20, 2014

Student Blogger-Keylen

Hi Everyone - it’s Keylen :)

I enjoyed learning about the different communities and community services. There are three types of communities.
1. Urban - Urban communities are very crowded
2. Suburban - Suburban communities are residential
3. Rural - Rural communities are spread out and not many people live there

I live in a suburban community. My community has lots of houses, schools, parks, fire stations and businesses. It also has many restaurants, grocery stores and banks. I like being involved in my community. I’ve played neighborhood basketball, football and baseball. I’ve met and made friends who live in my community too.

Community services are also important. We need policeman to keep the neighborhoods safe, we need fireman to put out fires. We need schools so that kids can learn. These are just a few ideas of important community services.

Some communities are less fortunate than others. My family and I have started a tradition. Every year around the holidays, we will go and feed the homeless in less fortunate communities. This past Winter break, my family and I went out and feed over 200 people. It made me grateful to have a home to live in and food to eat. My family and I performed a humbling community service. It felt great to help other people.


  1. Hi Keylen!

    I think it is awesome that you remember so much about communities! I did not know that you and your family help people who are less fortunate during the holidays. Does it feel good doing good deeds for others? Great blog post Keylen!

    -Ms. Steinlein

  2. Keylen,

    I am a teacher in Ms. Steinlein's classes at UC Davis, and I just wanted to say that I loved your blog entry! Community service is such a helpful thing to do for your community. I can tell that you are an outstanding citizen!

    Also, I wanted to acknowledge your marvelous vocabulary! Great use of words :)

    ~Ms. Walker

  3. Dear Keylen,
    You are so nice to help out your community. Did it take a while to pick up trash? One time when I was at base at recess I started to pick up trash.

  4. Hi Keylen,
    how was it helping other people around the world? It must be nice and helpful. Why did you feed 200 people with your whole family? I hope they said thank you when you fed them some food because that wouldn't be nice if they didn't say thank you. I really hope you had fun helping and feeding 200 people!
    Your Friend,


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