Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Student Blogger-Hudson

My name is Hudson, and I live across from a park with my family.  I have a younger sister, two moms, and six fish.

I really like second grade.  My favorite parts are science, recess and Go Noodle.  My favorite Go Noodle is “Freeze It,” because it is new and because you can dance and you do math and vocabulary while you are dancing, and then you have to stop and freeze when it says to stop.

Last weekend, I did my trifold poster on my hero, Rosa Parks.  She is my hero because she stood up for what she believed in, and believed you should respect everyone.  I had fun making my poster, especially coloring the roses on it.

I also went to Dave and Busters, which is where you can play games and earn tickets for prizes.  I filled up four cups with tickets and exchanged them for a doll with a comb that I love very much.  My favorite game at Dave and Busters is the one where you sit in a chair and it shows a video, and you feel like you are really there because the chair moves and shakes.

My favorite movie right now is Frozen.  I have seen it three times, because I saw it with Grandpa, and then with my mom, and then this weekend with my cousin, his girlfriend, and my aunt.  We had Starburst, M&Ms, licorice, popcorn and soda.  I was very full and very happy.

I also rode my bike to the ice cream store and then we played on the playground.  Then, we went to a SECOND ice cream store because Mom didn’t get ice cream at the first store.  I love ice cream!

I had a great weekend, and I am looking forward to the rest of second grade.


  1. Hi Hudson,

    I learned so much about you in your blog post! How did you get done with your poster so fast? I am impressed and can't wait to see it on Monday! Also I cannot wait to see the movie Frozen! I am jealous that you have seen it three times. Have a great weekend!

    -Ms. Steinlein

  2. Hudson,
    I'm very happy to hear that you enjoy GoNoodle. My favorite sessions are zumba but I think they are all pretty cool. I love ice cream too. What is your favorite flavor?

  3. What is go noodle? Frozen is a really good movie when Elsa built the castle. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Gauthiers class (a.k.a. Kiana)

  4. Dear Hudson,
    You and your sister look so cute together. I saw that you have a doll . What did you name her? Your poster looks great to. Good luck on your next poster.

    1. Dear Ava,
      I named my doll julie.

  5. Hi Hudson,
    Did you feel exited to watch Frozen with your family? I felt really exited to watch Frozen for the first time. Your poster and presentation was amazing! Your poster and the presentation for the next book report will be even better and way good looking. I hope you have a better book report than me!
    Your Best Friend,

  6. Dear Hudson,
    Do you ride a bike with to wheels?I just learned how to.I think you are a great friend.
    Your best friend,


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