Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Star of the Week-Anshika

My name is Anshika Kakar. I like to have fun with my family. I live  with my Mom,
Dad, and my big brother.
My favorite place to visit is Cancun. Some thing I like doing at Cancun is snorkeling, swimming and diving. The fun  part is eating grilled pineapple. Some places I have visited are las vegas, India, Canada, and  San Francisco. I really enjoy  traveling with my family . I love  visiting new places. My favorite sport is soccer. I enjoy soccer because it is really  fun. I really  like being active outside. Right now I am taking  gymnastics class. My favorite thing  at gymnastics  is the trampoline . I also like the Ninja  rope . My favorite food is BJ’s spaghetti. As much as I like that I also like  Pizano's Pizza with pineapple  on the top . They also give Play-Dough on the side for kids to play . My favorite color is turquoise. I also like teal . I love to sing and dance. One of my favorite book I am recently reading is a book from  Dork diaries series. My favorite T.V show is Odd Squad.

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