Sunday, January 29, 2017

Star of the week Jaykob

My name is Jaykob. I am 7 years old. I live with my mom, dad, sister, aunt, and dog. My family and I enjoy going on trips together. We have went to places like Reno, the Monterey bay aquarium,  Disneyland, Legoland, Universal Studios, Santa Cruz beach boardwalk,  San Francisco, and Venice beach.

This is my family at Disneyland during Halloween. 2016

This is my dog Bowser. He is like my baby brother. He is an American Bully.

This is a picture of me & my mom & my 2 favorite cousins on New Years Eve 2016.

This is a picture of me & my dad with a Transformer at Universal Studios. The Transformer knocked off my dad’s hat. 2016

This is my family & I at Universal Studios with the Simpsons.

This is me at a Raiders game with Batman. 2015

My dad is teaching me to mow the lawn for money.

In Spring 2016, I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium & a scuba diver took this picture with us.

For fun, I like to help my mom cook. I made meatballs.

This is my sister Jacynda. She is 13 years old & goes to Leading Edge.

This is my aunt Jessica. We like to watch movies together & drink hot coco.


  1. Dear Jaykob your blog makes me think you are a amazing person with a great life witch you actually have a amazing life. How old are you when you went to the raiders? What is your favorite ride in LEGOLAND? What movie did you watch? I wish I was with you at the place where you took a picture with the scuba diver and what is the name of the place where you took a picture with the scuba diver. How old were you when you started mowing the lawn? I hope you like this very long note.
    your kind friend:

  2. Dear Jaykob,
    You look like a real chef chef.
    my sister goes to PFAA which is right next to leading edge. Batman is cool! What are your cousins names?
    your friend,

  3. Dear Jaykob, Your blog was amazing cool and very deatailed of my favirote pictures was when you were cooking meat balls you looked like a real life shef. love,Anshika Bhatoa

  4. dear Jaykob I like your family photo and I like your dog named bully

  5. Dear Jakob
    That was funny when your dad`s hat fell off. And I like your BLOG.


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