Sunday, January 8, 2017

Star of the week Kyara

My name is Kyara Lukas I am currently 8 years old and my birthday is January 6. My favorite thing to do is play on my ipad because on there I have car games I like. I live with my Dad , Mom and my two sisters. I like to go to the snow with my family and play card games.
I also like to go to Disneyland because it is fun to go on all the rides. My favorite ride is Tower of Terror.
My favorite animal is a goat because they're cute .  

My favorite toy is the zoomer dog.
The zoomer dog is cool because I can’t have a dog   since my mom is allergic. A zoomer dog acts like a real dog


My favorite sport is to roller skate.


  1. Dear Kyara,
    I really liked your blog and all of the pictures. I especially liked the picture of the goat! I have gone on the Tower of Terror, but it is not my favorite ride. I like Indiana Jones a lot! Have you been on the Indiana Jones ride?
    Mrs. Kloczko

  2. Dear KYARA,
    I love your Blog. Have you been to sun splash, if you have, have you ever been on the Roller Coster Water Slide? Roller skating is hard for me, is it for you?

  3. Dear Kyara,
    I really love your blog the of the little cute baby goat! Why do you like goats so much besides there cute? Also my favorite sport is roller skate to! love Nya

  4. Dear Kyara
    I really loved your blog. I especially loved the picture of
    the goat! I also went to the snow ,it was a little cold.How
    old were you when you went roler skating.

  5. Dear Kyara
    I really like the pictures and the writing. Why do you like goats? I have goats too. I like roller skating in my house. I want in the snow too with my family in Lake Tahoe. Have you ever Build a Snowman before in the snow.
    what kind of things do you do in the snow?


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