Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Star of the week-Garrett

Hello my name is Garrett I will be sharing my blog today.
I like playing with my legos and I have a lot of them.  There is still a lot of legos I have to build.

Next, I play three sports one of them is soccer and I am really good at playing defense.  I like to play soccer because it’s fun.  Another one is baseball I like to play baseball because my brother plays it.  The last one is basketball I like playing it because I practice with my brothers team and I play on two teams one is in a church league and I play for a California Youth Basketball league and I made it to the all-star game. I also got hurt a lot because I was always fighting for the ball my coach told me.  I never gave up and I always kept fighting to win all my games.
IMG_1747 (1).JPG

I also like to watch sports a lot.
IMG_1152 (2).JPGIMG_2347 (2).JPG
I like movies, stuffies and making human sandwiches and I like to do a lot of other activities.

This is my family, my dad, my mom and my brother, Justin.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Garrett,
    You are very good in basketball.Great singing in the video.The picture was very cute. That was a awesome video of you playing basket ball.

    From Tianna


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