Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Star of the week-Samantha

Hi my name is Samantha,
I’m 7 years old.

   I was born with a “very big smile” on my face. I had what doctors called cleft lip and palate. My mom said she already knew that I had this condition before I was even    born! The reason why she knew is because the doctor had a machine that could tell
   what I  look like inside her belly and it’s called an “ultrasound”. I had surgeries and that’s why I have a scar in my mouth. My mom always says that she still  misses my big smile.


During our winter break, my family and I went to Cisco Grove to play in the snow. I love sledding down the snowy mountain. I remember I went a little too fast at one time. I did a somersault and I landed face down. Everyone was staring at me. My face was covered with snow. My dad ran to me and got me up. I was okay. Sledding in the snow is so much fun! Later that day, my sisters and I found a snowman almost as tall as my 2 year old sister. Someone had built him but he was falling apart when we found him. We fixed him and gave him a nose, eyes and arms out of sticks. My sister Baylee kept on calling him Olaf.


I am a Brownie. I just finished selling Girl Scouts cookies. It is always fun to sell cookies because I get to count money and give change. I also enjoy going to site sales with my Brownie friends. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Thin Mints and Caramel Delites. My sisters are Girl Scouts too. Krystal is a Cadette and Lea is a Daisy. My mom said that Lea’s troop sold almost 2,000 boxes of cookies. My troop didn’t sell that much.

IMG_4377.jpeg Lastly, I want to tell you about my pets. I have 2 goldfish and a puppy named Levi Bear. We got him when he was 7 weeks old. Now he’s 7 months old. He likes to play a lot. He jumps on me and my sisters all the time. He likes to play chase. One time, he was playing too much that he tripped my sister Lea. Lea landed on him by accident and he bit her. He didn’t mean to. But my sister had to have stitches because of that. I thought my mom and dad will give him away. But we get to keep him. We just have to be careful not to play with him too much. He is very playful because he is still a puppy.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!!!


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