Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Star of the Week-Mack

My name is Mack and I will tell you about my life.
Davies (27).jpg

This is my friendly family. I have 4 brothers Owen, Cal, Emmett, and Levi.
1_10-31-2015 16_53\E6.jpg
This is my baby brother Levi. He likes to mess with  the garbage.
This is me with my gingerbread house.
This is me at the temple with my brothers. I love its pretty gardens.
This is me at scout camp. We made paper airplanes!
We are camping at the lake! This is my favorite lake.
These are my soccer coaches. I was the M.V.P of my team!
Thank you for reading my blog. Good bye!


  1. Mack your gingerbread house looks great! Where was the bee in the 5th picture? Well have a happy life!

    Your Friend

  2. Dear Mack you are good at soccer.I love to make paper air planes to.I think it is funny that your brother likes to mess with the garbge.

  3. Hi Mack,
    you have a nice family.I have been to a lake before, it had a snake! Have you seen a snake?

  4. I like all of the pictures on your blog and I really like all of the pictures with your whole family.How old are your brothers?
    Your Friend,

  5. Dear Mack,
    I think you are a good person. It is funny how Emmet closes his eyes when he thinks there are bees. I play soccer too. Have you ever been to a Sacramento Republic Game?
    Your classmate,

  6. Dear Mack you are great at soccer.Did you catch any fish? while you were at the lake.

    Your friend, Noah

  7. You were very cute when you were a baby! I have never made a gingerbread house but it looks fun! I have also been in your same soccer leauge. Have you ever been to a real soccer game?

  8. You are so cool.It is funny how your brother close his eye in the when he things a bee was in the bush.I like playing soccer with you.How many game you lost?

    Your class mate Timothy

  9. Mack,I think you did a very nice job on your blog.I think it was funny when Emmett covered his face when there was a bee around his face.I am one of the best players on my soccer team too.What is your favorite position in soccer?

  10. Dear Mack,
    I like the gingerbread house you made! How old we're you when you took the picture when you we're holding the gingerbread house? We both like the color turquoise.

  11. Dear Mack,
    You are a cool friend. I think you did a good job on your blog. Where is your favorite place to eat pizza? Did you know that my favorite food is pizza? From,

  12. Dear Mack,
    I think you are a cool friend to have. You have a big family how old is your baby brother? You are really good at making paper air planes. Did you make that gingerbread house all by your self? What is a temple? What is your favorite place to go to in Ca.
    your friend


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