Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Star of the week-Karis

I am Karis and on December 23 I will be turning 8 years old.
I have been collecting Shopkins lately... here are a few of my Shopkins.  Shopkins are really fun to play with when I’m playing with my toys in my playroom.
One of my favorite animals are dogs.  My dog's name is Puffy Williams and she is 15 years old.  In dog years that means she is 105, and I love her very much.

I love my family very much.

Thank you,


  1. Your dog is cute!:)

  2. Your dog is so cute!:)

  3. You are a very good friend. Your dog is so cute.I can't believe that your dog is 105 years old in dog years

  4. You are my BFF. Can't believe your dog is 105 years old.
    Never giving up on you!:)

  5. Dear Karis your dog looks very nice.What is your favorite sport?What do you like to do for fun.I have a dog too.

  6. Hello! Karis your dog is cute! I also have a dog but you might think my dog is mean.Is your dog fluffy like theres fur mostly all around it?

    Your Classmate

  7. Dear, Karis You are a great friend. Where did you get the shopkins from. I have shopkins. From, your BFF Zoey

  8. Dear Karis,
    I like your dog Puffy. She has beautiful tan fur. Do you have a brother or sister? What do you like to do with your Shopkins? Do you have a big backyard for Puffy to play in?
    Your classmate,

  9. Dear Karis,
    I Really like your dog Puffy

  10. Dear Karis,
    Your dog is cute. Your dog is cute because, your dog is fluffy and your dog has cute eyes.

  11. Dear Karis,
    I like your blog because it has lots of pictures and details. I like your dog Puffy because in my opinion puffy is cute and has very pretty eyes. Have you been to Texas?
    Your Friend,

  12. Dear karis,
    I love your pictures! i love your dog it's so cute! What is your favorite type of ice cream?

    Fro your BFF,EMILY


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