Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Star of the Week-Katherine


Dear Class,

Hello!  My name is Katherine.  I want to tell you about me.  I like listening to music, singing, and dancing.  I play violin and piano.  I really like nature and I want to be a veterinarian.  My favorite animal is deer.  I like to travel.  I have traveled to South Carolina, Alaska, Lake Tahoe, Canada, Korea, Oregon, Washington state, Anaheim, and Fresno.  I liked camping at Big Basin.  Big Basin is a little bit wild.  I like to go to Disneyland and Six Flags.  I took a trip to Six Flags right before school started.  It was a lot of fun.  My favorite part was the butterfly habitat.  I stayed still for a long time and 15 butterflies landed on me.  One of them went on my finger.  We even saw 3 emerge from its chrysalis.
There was a dolphin that came to the window.  He was very friendly and danced for me.  We went to a dolphin show and we got splashed by the dolphins on purpose.IMG_5404.JPGIMG_5405.JPGIMG_5406.JPGIMG_5408.JPGIMG_5398.JPGIMG_5349.JPGIMG_5362.JPGIMG_5399.JPG
My mom and me got to ride an elephant.IMG_5416.JPG
It was the same one that I went on when I was little.  I got to feed sea lions and seals.  I got to touch stingrays.  One of them was hurt.  I got to hold a parrot named Hannah.  I took a picture with two parrots.  I saw my first bald eagle and I saw other animals.IMG_5369.JPGIMG_5378.JPGIMG_5342.JPGIMG_5391.JPG

I hope you have as much fun as I did if you go to Six Flags!IMG_5418.JPG

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Star of the Week-Jalen

Dear Class,
My favorite game on my kindle fire is Minecraft and the internet.  On the internet I usually watch the Diamond Minecart and Stampy Long Nose.  On Minecraft I’m trying to dye a wolf’s collar to from red to blue.  

One of my other favorite books that I like to read is Minecraft Crafting Book.  It is not a new book, but it’s much bigger than usual Minecraft books, and it’s not a small Minecraft book, like Combat, for example.  It talks about how you can craft things in Minecraft, like magnets, secret blocks, lasers and other stuff like that.  You can only get it at Walmart, but sadly they’re all sold out of the books.  

Hey, I have to go now.  Bye!