Saturday, July 4, 2015

End of Year Goodies

It's been 3 weeks since our last day of school and my "To-Do" list is getting smaller...kind of..hehe :). I think every time I cross off 2 things, I add 1 more! On my list was to blog about the last 2 weeks of school. End of the school year is such a busy time and emotional as well. You see, contrary to belief, teachers continue to think about their class and students even when we are on break or summer vacation. I miss seeing the families and I really MISS MY STUDENTS!!!

I've received a few emails from some of the students and this has brought a smile to my heart :). I reply back right away with questions to keep our conversation going. I have also seen Josh and his family at Target. Jessica and Joan at The Corner Bakery, and Chase and his family at a local restaurant. The summer is not over yet so I am sure I will see many more of you out and about in Natomas.  On that note, I still plan on sending out an invitation for us all to gather towards the end of July. I know this will be a busy time as families may be on vacation, but as soon as I find out about jury duty, I will let you know.

So back to the last 2 weeks of school...the students were working on animal presentations. After getting into groups, each group selected an animal to research. Students used non fiction books, the web, and my symbaloo. Each group was given specific criteria to guide them with the research. After students completed their research, they created a Google Presentation. I gave them very little guidance with this process. I really wanted to allow them to show their creativity and they did exactly that. Take a look at each presentation by clicking on the links below. I believe they all did an amazing job!!
Animal Presentations

Here are pictures of when they presented to our class-

Now onto the balloon countdown. I'm sure that most of you heard about the balloon countdown because each day, the kids were so excited!!! So, as I was perusing my favorite blogs that I follow, I came across this awesome idea of a balloon countdown to keep track of the number of days left in school. After making a few tweaks, I was ready to introduce the countdown to the class with 10 days left. I tried to get pictures of each day, but I may have missed a few. I do however, have several pictures to share with you so I thought it would be easier to share in Photopeach.
Balloon Countdown
Balloon Countdown in Mrs. Torres' Class! on PhotoPeach


Lastly, I really wanted my kids to read over the summer. Although they have many books at home, I wanted them to go home with a new book on the last day of school. I also wanted them to select a book to read instead of me choosing for them.
Well, our school year started off with popping popcorn (thanks for popping in treats) and our year went out with popping balloons....It's been an exciting and memorable school year. Thank you for allowing me to educate, care for and love your children!

That's a wrap!
From your child's "director",
Mrs. Torres

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  1. Awesome! i love when you had your sudents by the door looking like rock stars at the door in the video.I rebemer the animal facts project! anyways, gotta run see you later!
    your friend,


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