Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celebrity of the week-Maya

Hi my name is Maya. I live in North Park Drive. My favorite fruit is watermelon and strawberries.

Some of my friends are: Quinn, Angela, Peyton, Ashlyn, Oceana, Chase, Mimis, Abby, Zoey, Jessica, Miya, Emily J, Maya G, Sophia, Miss Klozcko, SeƱor Pico, Lolo, Miss Torres and Miss. H.

I like puppies because they are cute. I am 8 years old and I am going to be 9. I can speak 2 languages; Spanish and English. I am hoping to learn Chinese. I have loved books since I was little. I still use my baby blanket. I am in second grade and I love reading English and Spanish books.

I love taking family photos. My sister has a toy camera that can take pictures and then you can edit the picture and add bonuses. Here is one of the family photos we took with my sister’s camera.

I love doing things with other people and working together.
Last year with Miss. Kloczko we drew whales on the sidewalks with chalk we worked with our team groups. Here is a picture of me and Chase drawing the whale head.
IMG_1193.jpgI also love gymnastics this is me on the balance beam.  

 I love swimming in the pool. I mostly like doing cannonballs, my swimming pool’s water is mostly cold so you have to get used to the water first, and we also have a Jacuzzi so we can go in it when we get cold. This is me in the pool. Since the water in my pool is cold my mom doesn't like it, but I do. My sister usually just jumps in I just get used to it by putting one foot in then the other, we have a floating giraffe but one day my Dad, Sarah and me jumped on the giraffe and we popped it, then we got a floating doughnut this one did not pop.

I learned to ride my bike without training wheels, it was fun. After a few days later I learned how to turn. I went like a motorcycle then I taught myself some tricks, one of my friends that live in my neighborhood taught me how to jump off the edge, when I tried it out I bumped my butt .They told me that I had to lift my butt when I do it.

I like to go to the beach, sometimes the water is cold. I always go look for rocks on the beach this is a picture of me with some rocks I found.
CAM00009.jpgMy sister and I got a car from “The Three Wise Men” this is a picture of us on the car with an umbrella.

P.S. the umbrella did not came with the car.
One day I was at some place and there were a lot of things to do, it was really fun this is a picture of me on a canoe.                                 
I love being with my family on adventures.
Well that’s the end of my blog. Bye!


  1. my little maya I like it a lot to know about you what do you like to do and see pictures of your family and activities that you do
    I send you many kisses for you. Your aunt Edna

  2. Dear Maya,
    When you were in gymnastics,could you do the type rope?I can really tell you are trying to make good progress in gymnastics.

    You friend,

  3. Dear Maya,
    You're blog shows that you are a very adventurous girl because you're blog is about lots of you're adventures. You are lucky you can swim because I can't swim! Were these adventures in Mexico?


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