Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Celebrity of the week~Landon

Hello, my name is Landon. I am going to tell you about my new puppy, Mila. My puppy was left in a shoebox at the shelter when she was just 5 days old. Because puppies aren’t supposed to leave their moms until they are 7 weeks old, the rescue had to bottle feed her every couple of hours. Mila ended up getting pneumonia because of the bottle feedings and the vet thought she was going to die. She was put into an oxygen chamber to help her live.
When Mila survived, the lady at the rescue named her Mila because it comes from the spanish word Milagro, which means miracle. What’s really funny about that name is that my mom wanted to name my sisters Mila but my dad said no.

My mom had wanted a new dog for awhile. We started going to shelters in the summertime but we didn’t find one that worked for our family. My dad was the one who found Mila on a website called Petfinder.com. What’s kind of funny is that Mila came from a cat rescue and not a dog rescue.
This is Mila’s picture from the website that my dad saw.

Me and my family went to meet Mila to make sure she would work for our family. We thought she would so we filled out an application to get her. We weren’t a hundred percent sure that we’d get Mila so that made us a bit nervous, because we already loved her. We ended up adopting her on October 18th and I was very excited to bring her home.
20141012_130101 - Copy.jpg
The first time I met Mila

The day we adopted Mila.

Mila has grown a lot since we’ve brought her home, we don’t know exactly how big she will get but we know she will be big! She has already doubled in size since we got her. We don’t really care how big she gets were just happy she is ours and we love her so much.


  1. Your dog is very cute! When is her b-day?
    Your friend,

  2. Your dog is so cute and big!!
    Your friend,

  3. I love that dog it is so cute. Is it hard to take care of her. Kennedy


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