Monday, January 6, 2014

Learning about Our Ancestors

One of our December projects was to learn about our families and ancestors. Students had to interview their eldest relative to learn when, how and why they immigrated to the US. At first, the kids didn't seem excited about this project, but as soon as some began interviewing, their minds were changing quickly. They began sharing with me what they were learning from the interview. They were so surprised to learn what types of chores their family member had, what their first jobs were and how much they got paid. Even more surprising was how strict things were long ago.  This excitement spread very quickly and before I knew it, they were all sharing!

This got me thinking...the kids need an opportunity to share their interviews with other kids. I switched half my kids with the other 2nd grade class and partnered up the kids. They didn't even wait for me to give instructions...they jumped right in and they excitedly began sharing what they learned about their family. Here are some pictures when they were sharing their interviews.

Sharing Time on PhotoPeach Anytime I tell the kids we are going to the computer lab they get very excited. So I linked the interview project to a technology activity. Each student used Google Maps to drop a pin on the continent their ancestors immigrated from and then they had to type a few sentences about their family member.
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  1. Dear Abhi's,You have lot's of good story's.You have long story's.What is your real name.from nalaya.


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