Sunday, September 21, 2014

Celebrity of the Week~Sophia

My Sleepover

On 9-20-14 was the best day ever!
First, me and Allyson packed for a sleepover. Then, we came to Jordan’s house and unpacked.  Next, we watched TV...It was so fun. (and funny.) Then, we played outside, and ate cake at my dad’s B-day party and played in the photo booth. My Dad had lot’s of friends at the party even some of my friend’s parents! Then, we went back to Jordan’s house, and ate homemade pizza! Then, we brushed our teeth, and then Jordan AND Elizabeth read a story and Jordan read the book and Elizabeth acted it out. It was so, so funny! Then, we went to sleep. In the morning we ate pumpkin pancakes and scrambled eggs. Sadly, we had to go home.
I can’t wait for the next sleepover and party!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Aekam~Celebrity of the week

Aekam’s Blog -MY MINECRAFT

Hello Friends,
I will be blogging about Minecraft today. In MINECRAFT there are two modes for the game - Creative and Survival. You can play in both the modes on iPad and also XBox 360. In ‘Creative’ mode, the players don’t get hurt. There is no night time play and there are no monsters. On XBox though, even in ‘Creative’ mode, you can play in nighttime. On iPad, in ‘Survival’ mode, the players start with nothing in their inventory. On XBox, you just start with a map and some food.
I like to play in the Survival mode because you have to protect yourself from creepers, zombies, witches, ghast, silver fish, skeletons, spiders and more. It is a game of and you have to build a house, chop trees, you have to slaughter animals to eat and make your bed so you can sleep faster. You can play with your friends. If you are playing with others, then you need to have two beds. If there is only one bed, then it will never be morning. You can’t fly to see different worlds in Survival

In the Creative world, the players do not have to worry about being hurt. You can make different things. I have build a lot of different types of palaces, roller coasters etc. Here is a glimpse in one of my Creative world.
I love playing Minecraft because I play it with my brother and together we get to create a lot of cool stuff like Skyscrapers, houses for other people who want to join us. Even our mom and dad, whenever  they can, join us and I show them how to play in my worlds.

Thanks you for reading and viewing my blog.

Aekam Madan
2nd Grade

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Potluck Post

It has been too long since my last post and I have so many different things to share...therefore the title, "Potluck" because you are going to see a little bit of everything.

I want to start with something really remarkable and that really touched my heart. I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a parent about something that her daughter did that was very special. Angela's family was having a yard sale and Angela decided to sell some cookies and raise money for her classroom. She was able to sell many cookies and earned $11. She brought the money to school and handed me the $11 in an envelope along with a big smile. I felt the lump form in my throat and all I could do was just give her a big hug. Many kids would take the money they earned and head to Target to buy a toy but Angela took her earnings and shared with the entire young and selfless!
A couple of days later, Kennedy brought a roll of dollars and handed it to me and said it was for a class pet! Another "Random Act of Kindness" from another student. I knew I had to do something special to hold the money and for all the class to see. This is what I made that night:
The kids were really excited when I showed them the container with all the money inside. We had a discussion about how being a "Bucket Filler" is similar to showing Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). We came up with a goal and a plan. The class would like a pet and I'm all for having a "low maintenance" pet. We decided that every time someone showed a R.A.K., we would add a coin to the container. After a couple of months of filling up the container, we will count the money and decide which pet to purchase. This is were I need your help....can you please send in some loose change in a ziploc bag? I will have a student add coins to the jar whenever some demonstrates a R.A.K.

Other examples of R.A.K.
The kids in room 113 are blowing my mind! They are reading so much that most kids have surpassed the October goal I set which is to complete 2 chapter books and 7 picture books by the beginning of the month. When I tell them it's time to put their books away, they literally moan and ask if they could have just a few more minutes. How can a teacher deny that request? I now give them a 2 minute warning so they don't get upset. I love the passion my kids have for reading!
This year, a few parents (Joan, Jessica and Amy) have decided to teach fitness classes on Friday's with all the 2nd graders...yep...that's 53 kids!!! Joan recently earned her Kids Zumba certification and is doing Zumba with the kids and Jessica and Amy are doing Kids Bootcamp. The ladies alternate the classes on Fridays. The kids as well as myself are really enjoying these energetic classes. Additionally, my student teacher is working towards her yoga certification and she did a yoga session with the kids. They loved that too. We also do Fitness Friday (walking/jogging) before these special classes. I know that I sleep extra good on Friday nights from all the fitness activities and I hope your 2nd grade is too.

Our class has had 3 Mystery Readers so far...Mrs. Kloczko, my mom, and Patrice, Luke's mom. The kids get very excited when they find out we have a mystery reader. Luke's mom brought a special book where Luke was an actual character in the book (see pic below). Luke even read the second book his mom brought!