Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrating the week

What an amazing first week in 2nd grade! Every year, the first couple of weeks are spent establishing rules and procedures, and building a community within the classroom. Well, we did all that and a little more! We read poetry, listened to 8 stories, wrote about ourselves, danced to GoNoodle, participated in Friday Fitness, made Jitter Juice, took a spelling inventory test, and so much more, including art!  Below you will read what my kids liked the most about this first week of school.

Marcellus-I liked spanish.
Miya-I enjoyed doing the art.
Haleigh-I liked doing sharks and minnows.
Angela-I liked doing PE.
Chase-I liked doing GoNoodle.
Sophia-I liked art.
Trevor-I liked art.
Annie-I liked doing the dance ice cream and guacamole.
Ashlyn-I liked Class Dojo.
Peyton-I liked P.E.
Josh-I really liked Torres Tickets.
Quinn- I liked silent reading.
Luke-I liked doing silent reading and getting to know my teacher.
Emily-I liked learning about cool stuff like art.
Maya-I liked GoNoodle.
Colin-I liked Class Dojo, silent reading, and GoNoodle.
Aekam-I liked learning about reading stamina.
Kenedy-I enjoy doing silent reading and P.E.
Diego-Mostly, I liked doing the dance ice cream and guacamole.
Jessica-I liked GoNoodle.
Kadyn-I liked doing the dance ice cream and guacamole.
Landon-I like the Torres Tickets.
Kyler-I like the Torres Tickets.
Leonardo-I liked doing the dance ice cream and guacamole.
Anderson-I liked GoNoodle.
Robert-I like this whole week.

Making jitter juice

Writers at work!

First art project of the year

Making Friends~Bucket Fillers

Be sure to click on this ACADEMIC UPDATE to see what's happening this week.


  1. Yay for 2nd grade! What stories did you read? Looks like a fabulous week!
    Mrs. Kloczko

  2. Loved reading about the first week. The pictures are fun as well. Chase told me he LOVES his teacher :) Looking forward to a great year.

  3. Hi there little 2nd Graders,
    I really liked the ice cream and guacamole dance last year too! It is so much fun! I miss you Mrs. Torres!
    Ms. Steinlein

  4. Hi 2nd grade friends,
    Wow! It looks like you have had a busy, busy week filled with FUN! I would love it if you guys could teach me the "ice cream and guacamole" dance. Keep up all the hard work!

    Love and miss you all!
    Mrs. Luhrsen

  5. Thanks Mrs. Torres for sharing what Angela did on your blog. She didn't know how meaningful her cookie sale was for you and the class. It is amazing to see all children learning in a fun way. Star Academy is a great school!
    Angela's Mom (Zamanda)


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